By 1 November the Council of the Public chamber of the Russian Federation shall approve new composition of the Public monitoring commissions in 43 subjects of the Russian Federation. In the voting will be attended by about nine hundred candidates who have run from public organizations. Among the candidates involved in the”Magnitsky list” and members of social organizations, which, according to experts, are not pravozaschita, according to “Open Russia”, which managed to find register to vote.

In Moscow the list there are just two notable names, according to the journalists. So from “Russian Association of legal journalism” was involved in the “Magnitsky list”, the former head of N2 detention center “Butyrka” prison and N3 the prison Dmitry br. Earlier the prisoners had repeatedly complained of beatings by Canova, who led the “Butyrka”, where he spent the last years of his life, Sergei Magnitsky.

From the inter-regional public organization “Society for the promotion of law enforcement, security and fire-prevention activities” in the capital of the PMC also is a candidate Andrew Stebenev, ex-defender Svetlana Davydova, deprived of the lawyer status because he refused to appeal her arrest and called the charges against her are “unfounded”.

“Among the organizations that nominate candidates, a lot of those, which can hardly be called human rights. Of such communities by the number of nominated candidates is in the lead of the all-Russian public organization of veterans “Combat brotherhood”. On their website there is no mention of any human rights activities, but there is a reference to the movement “Antimaydan” – said the “Open Russia”.

On the second place by the number of candidates among the organizations associated with security forces, are “Officers of Russia”, recently took part in the scandal around the exhibition of Jock Sturges notes “Open Russia”. The permanent Chairman of the “Officers” Anton Tsvetkov heads the Russian Public chamber Commission on security.

In 2013, Tsvetkov managed to take the post of Chairman of the Moscow ONK. “Officers” will try to occupy posts in the PMC in Moscow, St.-Petersburg, Chelyabinsk, Murmansk, Ulyanovsk and Tyumen regions.

“Human rights is becoming less. In the first convocation there were a lot of defenders, but they now can’t run for office, they have exhausted the investment limit. I Love Volkova moved from the PMC in Moscow in the Moscow region is close. And if the person in Krasnoyarsk? He can’t go to Irkutsk or Novosibirsk,” – said Valery Borshchev, the author of the law “On public control”.

“I spoke about Dmitry Komnov, and I began to argue. I believe that the prison Dmitry br must not be a member of the PMC: he seriously violated human rights, being the head of the detention center, he was involved in that outrage that was committed over Sergei Magnitsky. There are other people who may not be members of the PMC,” said Borschov.

Figurant “the list Magnitsky” and “Officers of Russia” in running the PMC 18.10.2016

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