People’s artist of Russia Oleg Gazmanov played in front of Russian servicemen and Russian-speaking inhabitants of Latakia airbase “Hamim” in Syria.

According to the singer, quoted by “Interfax”, he had long wanted to come to Syria to support Russian military. “Our group shows the world that we are not just one from some third countries, and we are a powerful country that can defend its interests around the world,” he said.

As told journalists the head of Department of culture of Ministry of defense of Russia Anton Gubankov, among the military airbase “Hamim” surveys are conducted, the results of which they named the artists invited to speak.

“Oleg Gazmanov was one of the first in the list. And then, finally he came. It is eagerly awaited — His deeply Patriotic repertoire. He was always with the army, he is a member of the public Council under the Ministry of defence of the Russian Federation, so we are glad to see him always,” – said Gubankov.

Earlier at the air base, which is stationed a strike group of Russian aviation, spoke of the group “Prime Minister”, “Earthlings”, singers Iosif Kobzon, Yulia Chicherina, Zara, Alexander Rosenbaum, Vick Tsyganov, Alexei Glyzin, actors Denis Maidan, Sergei Bezrukov, TV presenter Leonid Yakubovich. At the beginning of July at the air base gave a concert honored artist of Russia Grigory Leps.

The head of Department of culture of the Russian defense Ministry Anton Gubankov said that in the near future at the airbase in Syria will make people’s artist of Russia Igor Butman, the singer Elena Vaenga and group “Umaturman”. According to him, which leads TASS, some artists have contacted the defense Ministry with a request to arrange for their speech to the Russian military. “We still have no shortage of those who want to please the soldiers by their creativity and their art,” he concluded.

“Finally he came”: Gazmanov performed at the air base, “Hamim” in Syria 25.07.2016

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