Finnish authorities are planning to introduce monthly payments in the amount of 800 euros per person, which will not be taxed. This amount will be paid to all adult citizens, regardless of whether they have other sources of income or not. Instead, Finns will have to abandon all other social benefits.

It is expected that this approach will reduce the number of unemployed as at the present time many Finns unprofitable to apply for a temporary low-paying jobs, as in this case, they will lose their social security benefits, reports The Telegraph.

Unemployment in Finland is currently at a record high level. According to the publication, the number of unemployed is more than 10% of the working population. In quantitative terms, this is 280 thousand people, said Delfi.

With the proposal to replace various welfare payments single guaranteed amount – the “national basic income” – made by Finnish social insurance (Kela).

According to a study conducted by the Agency, the innovation endorses about 69% of the population. It is expected that the government will finalize the idea and will consider it in November 2016.

A similar experiment was previously conducted in Canada and gave mostly positive results. Also on the introduction of a national basic income thinking of the Swiss authorities. However, in September the Parliament voted against the proposal. Next year the question will be submitted to a national referendum and, according to a recent online survey, 49% of Swiss are going to vote for the initiative.

In November, the Finnish Agency Yle reported that the average income of 10% richest citizens of Finland exceeds 4900 euros, and the income of 10% of “poor” is about 2100 Euro. The average salary in Finland by the end of 2014 amounted to 3,300 euros.

About 30% of the income of Finnish citizens pay government: income tax, payments to pension and social funds. Up to 2009, in Finland the rate of tax payments amounted to an average of 37.5%, in 2009 the rate was lowered to 29.3%.

Unemployment in the Eurozone fell in October to 10.7%

In October, in Finland there were 234 thousand unemployed, reported Yle with reference to the Statistical centre of Finland. This is 14 thousand more than the year before.

The unemployment rate in the Eurozone in October dropped to 10.7% from 10.8% in September, reported the website “Bankey” with reference to final data from Eurostat. This is the lowest unemployment rate in the region since January 2012. Among European countries, only Finland is suffering from rising unemployment. So, in Lithuania this indicator has exceeded the average for the EU, as reported by RuBaltic.Ru.

Finland plans to pay all citizens, 800 euros per month 07.12.2015

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