Finnish journalist ESA Tuominen the cancelled Russian visa after his meeting with the former mayor of Petrozavodsk Galina Chisinau, scandalously sent in resignation in the end of last year. In addition, the journalist was brought to administrative responsibility, according to the portal “”.

Tuominen said that he interviewed Chisinau in cafe Petrozavodsk – which contributed to the ex-mayor a free place to work after retirement. There he was approached by two men in police uniform and one in mufti and asked to produce documents.

According to the journalist, then he was taken to the local Department of the Federal migration service, where he stayed for four hours. “I signed a bunch of documents, put 30-40 signatures. Fingerprinted, like a serious criminal, and eventually a penalty – two thousand roubles, minimum,” said Tuominen.

The penalty was issued for illegal implementation of labor activity on the territory of the Russian Federation and discrepancy of the real purpose of the trip, which is listed on the visa – “Cultural ties”. In addition, the journalist has revoked the visa, and instead promised to issue a temporary permitting stay in Russia for only a few days.

According to Tuominen, with such faced for the first time. I went on journalistic Affairs in dozens of countries. Being a freelancer, I thought that accreditation is only required for correspondents – journalists who permanently live and work in a foreign country. I did a short trip,” he said.

As it turned out later, the police called two girls sitting in the café at the next table, which allegedly alerted that Chisinau talking to a stranger, bad speaking in Russian. However, the journalist suspects that “it was a beautiful pageant, and I fell into this trap for their stupidity”.

Galina Shirshina was removed from the post of mayor after December 25, deputies of the city Council voted for its resignation. According to deputies, Shirshina not performed their duties. In particular, she put the blame failure to provide the municipality of apartments for children-orphans. The resignation of the town Governor was supported by the head of Karelia Alexander Khudilainen.

After that, in Petrozavodsk was held a few rallies in support of Chisinau and against her dismissal. Immediately after the end of the Christmas holidays in the Russian Federation lawyer of Chisinau appealed against her dismissal in city court, but in vain. Shirshina now plans to appeal to the Supreme court of Karelia. She is sure that behind all this thing is Karelian Governor Hudilainen, with whom she had a long-standing conflict.

Galina Shirshina was elected mayor of Petrozavodsk in September 2013, as the independent candidate winning the elections the candidate from “United Russia” Nikolay Levin. In this position Chisinau immediately there was friction with the “Petrograd” Khudilainen, head of Karelia was appointed in may 2012 with the submission of President Vladimir Putin.

Political analysts believe the dismissal of Chisinau part of the preparations for the elections to the state Duma in 2016. According to experts, Hudilaynen for next year’s election holds some hope for administrative resources, and Shirshina a barrier to its use on the territory of Petrozavodsk.

In the spring of 2015 in Karelia there were arrests of a number of opposition politicians, which has caused mass protests. The opposition formed a public Committee in calling for the resignation of Judilynn and early elections of the new head of the region.

Finnish journalist denied Russian visa after meeting with the former mayor of Petrozavodsk Chisinau 25.01.2016

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