At the international automobile checkpoint “Niirala” on the border of Finland and the Russian Federation experienced a dramatic increase in the number of campers, they are also caravans, campervans and caravans, according to the website of the Finnish broadcasting company Yle.

“In recent years, the border often cross motorhomes. The number crossing the border of the caravans began to grow after the entry into force of the new law about Smoking”, – told reporters the chief inspector of customs point “Niirala” Erkki Multamaki.

The increase in the number of caravans is celebrated not only customs officers, but also employees of public health Centre of North Karelia, which conducted a campaign against Smoking on the MAPP “Niirala”. They found that the majority of drivers of motorhomes were sent to Russia for cigarettes, although many of them do not smoke.

The fact that, in accordance with the new law, which entered into force on 15 August 2016, a citizen of Finland can to import duty-free into the country tobacco products only if you spend outside the EU for more than 24 hours. Motorhomes help smokers and speculators from Suomi continue to carry cigarettes from Russia, not to spend the night in hotels.

Tourists from Russia, according to this law, may bring to Finland no more than one pack of cigarettes only if you go there for a period of not less than three days. In a short period of stay it is possible to import cigarettes “for personal use”.

“Niirala” is the busiest border crossing in Finland. Last year it was committed more than a million border crossings.

Cigarettes in Finland cost of 5.5 euros per pack for the cheapest brands.

Finnish traders began to sleep in Russia in the RV to smuggle cigarettes across the border 25.10.2016

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