Experts of international rating Agency Fitch Ratings has estimated that two-thirds of the rehabilitation of Russian banks are not effective, the newspaper “Kommersant”. A new mechanism of reorganization – recapitalization of troubled Bank using the established Central Bank of the Fund consolidation – more promising, according to the Agency.

According to analysts Fitch, the former mechanism does not work due to high costs and the timing of recovery, and also that some investors saving Bank balance to transfer their distressed assets.

Fitch this week presented a report on the transformation of the Russian banking system, which evaluated the effectiveness of the current sanctions – those that were conducted by the Agency for Deposit insurance through the credit mechanism, which operated from 2008 to mid 2017 (the loan to the investor for 10 years at 0.5% per annum).

10 out of 30 projects last renovation ended in failure sanatory themselves bankrupt or have been sanitized (“Opening”, “Binbank”, “Tatfondbank” and “Probusinessbank” ozdoravlivatj 10 troubled banks). 20 heals banks do not show sufficient profits in order to rebuild capital.

According to the Agency on reorganization of banks in 2014 spent of 1.14 trillion rubles for payments to depositors of banks, deprived of licenses – 1.6 trillion rubles. Thus according to analysts ‘ estimates the direct losses of the state from Bank failure would be 500 billion less than was spent on sanitation.

Now the fate of the whole range of sanatory highly dependent on reorganized their banks. The most revealing cases can be considered as the Bank “Rost” with assets of 611 billion rubles (sanitized by “b & n”), “AVTOVAZBANK” – 207 billion (sanyuesan “PSB”), “Mosoblbank” – 102 billion (sanyuesan “SMP Bank”), and “trust” – 96 billion rubles (sanyuesan “Discovery”). All of these banks, despite the healing process, have negative equity (“PSB” and “SMP Bank” do not agree with the rating agencies).

“Will they be able to make up for the failure of the capital – the big question, – said the publication of the senior Director financial institutions Fitch Ratings Alexander Danilov. – Thus, these projects may require additional levels of support”.

According to the experts that talked to the newspaper, the change of the mechanism of readjustment of the issue will not solve the problem is not in it, and the investors who claimed the same CB.

Fitch: two-thirds of the projects of rehabilitation of banks in Russia fail 30.09.2017

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