In Pakistan sentenced to several accomplices in the massacre of the young couple. The victims were subjected to torture and then burned alive in a furnace for firing bricks. The motive for the massacre was religious hatred and suspicion that professing Christians victims allegedly burned the Muslim Holy book.

Last week, the anti-terrorism court judge Chaudhry Azam was sentenced to death five accused: Irfan Shakur, Mohammed Hanif, Mehdi Khan, Riaz Kamboh and Hafiz Ishtiak. The convicts will also pay a fine in the amount of 200 thousand Pakistani rupees ($1,900), reports

Eight other accomplices of religious lynching received two years of imprisonment, writes The Daily Pakistan.

According to the lawyer of Riaz Angola, representing the interests of his father brutally murdered woman, originally to have been charged 50 alleged vigilantes. However, the relatives of the slain men testified in court that many of the suspects allegedly were not on the site of the massacre. In the end, they were acquitted.

Despite this, the lawyer welcomed the court’s decision. According to the lawyer, even attraction to a strict liability every tenth of the possible murderers is a serious warning for those who are willing to use violence to Christians in Pakistan.

As follows from the materials of the criminal case, the victims of religious fanatics were 26-year-old Shahzad masih and his 24-year-old wife Shama Bibi of kot-Radha-Kishan in Punjab province. The couple raised three children. Moreover, at the time of the massacre Shama was five months pregnant.

According to investigators, someone from the neighbors of Christians have dismissed the rumors that sham, cleaning the house of the deceased father-in-law, burning unnecessary papers, among which flashed the page seems to be from the Koran. This information is about the blasphemy spread around the village and the surrounding area.

The five Muslims, who later issued the death penalty, began to incite the believers to violence, using loudspeakers, which were installed on the building of the mosque. In the end, the aggressive crowd of 400 people, were arrested November 2, 2014 spouses of Christians. Victims two days held in the territory of a brick factory, and then threw it in the oven.

Shahzad and his wife worked for the same company, where they were lynched by the fanatics.

Christians make up only 4% of the population of Pakistan. They are often persecuted by local Sunni Muslims who believe heretics not only Christians, but fellow Muslims who profess other versions of Islam.

Five Pakistanis, who burned in a furnace of a Christian and his pregnant wife, was sentenced to death 28.11.2016

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