In the United States became known first results of the voting residents of nine States on the issue of legalizing marijuana. As reported by Time, two States – California and Massachusetts – residents have approved marijuana use for recreational purposes by citizens over the age of 21. The results of the vote on the matter in three States – Nevada, Arizona and Maine – are still unknown.

In four States – Florida, Montana, North Dakota and Arkansas to the vote the question was raised about the use of marijuana for medical purposes. In three of them, the initiative was approved. The results of the vote in Montana will be announced later.

A referendum on the issue of marijuana legalization passed in several States in a single election day, November 8, simultaneously with the presidential elections. As noted by CBS, in case of positive outcome of the vote in all nine States, almost a quarter of the U.S. population (23%) will live in areas where marijuana is legalized one way or another.

Until now, the use of marijuana for medical purposes was allowed in 25 States (now their number will increase to 28). The use of marijuana for recreational purposes is permitted in the States of Alaska, Colorado, Washington, Oregon, and the district of Columbia (capital Washington).

According to national surveys, most Americans support the legalization of marijuana. A recent poll by Gallup, conducted in October 2016, showed that the legalization act almost 60% of the citizens of the country, while during the first such survey conducted in 1969, the figure was only 14%.

Five States voted for the legalization of marijuana 09.11.2016

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