The Federation of Jewish communities of Russia (FJCR) has stood up for the skater Tatiana Navka, which many criticized after she in the show “Ice age” on the First channel performed the dance, which depicted the prisoner of the Nazi concentration camps.

“The turnover, which took the discussion of this room is the attempt to condemn him with the ideological or moral positions, it seems to me absolutely
irrelevant because the appeal to the Holocaust as such, especially with the artistic interpretation when artists associate themselves with
victims, worthy of great respect and gratitude,” said 29 Nov portal “Interfax-Religion” head of public relations Department of the FJC Boruch Gorin.

In his opinion, the works, such number of skill sets, “compensate for the historic injustice of uprooting the memory that people are destroyed because they are Jews”, and “in this sense, this room is worthy of all praise.”

All the judgmental reactions to the act of the wife of the press Secretary of Russian President Dmitry Peskov Gorin called “grossly exaggerated”. He believes that the discussion of this dance is only possible in the stage plane as a cultural event. “Say in 2016, whether the Holocaust to create a different kind of work, it’s all the same what to argue whether we need wind,” added Gorin.

The sponsors of the dance should consult with the relatives of the victims of the Holocaust, the head of the rabbinical Council of Europe

A day earlier, the Chairman of the Council of European rabbis and chief Rabbi of Moscow Pinchas Goldschmidt expressed the view that the authors of this dance ought to consult with the relatives of prisoners in the Nazi concentration camps before the production of dance associated with the Holocaust.

“A lot of people liked it, but many dance and hurt – he said in comments TASS. The Holocaust and all that it involves, is too much of a wound. It would heal more soon. There are almost no Jewish families, in which none of their ancestors would not suffer from the Nazis, would not wear yellow stars as on the costumes of figure skaters”.

“I want to believe that the Directors of dance I wanted to convey the will to live and the best hopes of the prisoners of concentration camps – said Goldschmidt. – Probably the intentions were good, but each nation has its own pain, and must be careful not to scorch. I would not like to see here-Semitism”.

Earlier, the President of Fund “Holocaust” Alla Gerber, commenting on the angry responses to this number are urged not to take the situation so clearly. In her words, “the Holocaust is not only the destruction is enormous resistance, spirit resistance of human qualities, resistance of human dignity”. “If in this dance on the Holocaust, had it all, I have nothing bad in it do not see,” said Gerber.

The motives of the Holocaust – not for the show, I’m sure the Minister of culture of Israel

Number performed Navka and her partner Andrei Bourkovski has caused quite a mixed reaction in social networks and media. Many considered it inappropriate numbers to show on the Holocaust in the entertainment TV show. Others have said about the Holocaust can speak the language of dance, including dance on the ice, it is important that the topic of the Holocaust rises on Russian television, writes NEWSru Israel.

Many Western media published a very critical notes about this dance. “The motives of the Holocaust is not for parties, not for dancing and not for the reality (show)”, – quotes The New York Times Minister of culture and sports of Israel Miri Regev. – No one of six million (victims of the Holocaust of the Jews) did not dance, but a concentration camp is not summer camp.”

Professor of Jewish studies from northwestern University in the USA Yohanan Petrovsky-Shtern said that this dance on the ice led him in horror. “For a person who knows very little, if at all, knows about the Holocaust, it carries such a signal: put on your striped robe, decorate with yellow six-pointed star of David in concentration camps buy a ticket on the principle of “all inclusive”, and your life will be beautiful, – he told reporters. – I would call it a crime against basic humanity.”

The researcher believed that this number is in line with the “cynicism that has permeated Russian political life from top to bottom,” the newspaper writes, an excerpt from the article publishes InoPressa.

Itself Navka in the Wake of the discussion rooms about love prisoners of Nazi concentration camps said that in the terrible times referred to in the room should “know and remember”. Based on numbers, as explained skater, her favorite movie “Life is beautiful”, based on the biography of the Italian Jews, Auschwitz prisoner. During a speech Navka and her partner danced in striped prison uniforms with sewn on them yellow stars of David.

The Holocaust is the common term for the genocide of the Jews by the Nazis and their accomplices in the years 1933-1945. According to rough estimates, the victims of the killings and the system of concentration camps of death were about six million Jews.

FJC stood up for the dance grooves on the Holocaust 29.11.2016

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