Former Advisor to the President of the USA Michael Flynn, who retired in retired in February of this year and, as it turned out, lobbying Turkey’s interests for money, a few weeks before his dismissal decided in favor of Ankara. The officer prevented in the Syrian city of raqqa operations against the “Islamic state”* (banned in the Russian terrorist group), which meant the us military cooperation with the Kurds, and thus did not suit the Turkish leadership.

These events occurred even before the inauguration of the current President of the United States Donald trump, reports the American edition of McClatchy DC. 10 days before the Republican billionaire was sworn in, Councilor of his predecessor Barack Obama’s national security Susan rice told about the Pentagon plan to return the actual capital of ISIS in raqqa city with the participation of forces of the Syrian Kurds, whom the Americans consider as the most effective partners.

The Obama team decided to turn to Trump for approval of the plan because it was assumed that it will be implemented during his presidency. However, Flynn did not hesitate rice to postpone the decision, which meant a delay operation against ISIS* for a few months, writes McClatchy DC.

“If Flynn and explained your answer, it was not recorded, and it is unknown whether he consulted with anyone from the transition team before making its verdict, – the newspaper notes. But his position was in line with the wishes of Turkey, which has long opposed the partnership of the United States with the Kurdish forces – and it was his (Flynn’s. – Approx. undeclared client”.

The publication notes that ultimately trump endorsed the plan in raqqa, but no sooner than a few weeks after Flynn’s dismissal.

After nearly a month after the resignation of Flynn the New York Times reported that former US presidential Advisor for national security in secret from his leadership led the lobbying in favor of Turkey in exchange for the money. Even before the appointment of the adviser Lieutenant-General in retirement, was hired Turkish entrepreneur Akimom Alptekin with ties to the government of Turkish President Recep Tayyip Erdogan. For lobbying for Flynn received a 530 thousand dollars. His contract expired in November 2016.

However, only in early March 2017, after the dismissal from the post of EA, Flynn revealed this fact in the Declaration in the registration of foreign agents of the U.S. Department of justice. According to documents, Flynn has received 530 thousand dollars for the work, “which can be interpreted as brought mainly benefit Turkey.” Under us law failure to register as a foreign agent is a Federal crime.

NYT: team trump knew about the investigation against Flynn even before his appointment

Moreover, the team of trump, even before the appointment of Flynn’s Advisor knew that concerning it the subject of a Federal investigation. This was reported by the newspaper The New York Times , citing its sources.

According to two sources, Flynn January 4, said the chief lawyer of a staff that against him investigating the U.S. Department of justice on suspicion that he during the presidential campaign led the lobbying in the interests of Turkey in return for a fee. In spite of this, a retired officer was appointed Advisor to the President for national security, getting access to classified information.

Flynn could have an impact on other key decisions, in addition to Raqqa

Writes McClatchy DC, now in the U.S. Congress, speaking about the arisen around Flynn legal confusion, point to the seriousness of the situation: the officer acted on behalf of a foreign state, from which he received considerable money, taking a military solution. Some members of Congress in private conversations even used the word “treason”, describing the actions of the retiree.

Anyway, Flynn’s refusal from military operations raises the question of what other key decisions it could affect for a little over three weeks, when he was adviser to trump, as well as months, when he was chief foreign policy adviser during the election campaign of billionaire.

“Even after three months after he was fired because he lied to the Vice-President Mike Pence about the conversation with the Russian Ambassador Sergei Kislyak, his role in the White house resonates” – the newspaper notes. In particular, this is evidenced by the publication of The New York Times on may 16 that trump has reportedly asked FBI Director James Comey to stop the investigation against Flynn. In this may 9 Komi was suddenly dismissed.

At the end of April it became known that against Flynn open an investigation to determine whether he had the right to receive money from foreign entities as a retiree. The investigation initiated by the office of the inspector General of the Ministry of defense.

Flynn was the Director of the intelligence Department of the Ministry of defence in the period from July 2012 to August 2014. In March of this year, the newspaper The Wall Street Journal reportedthat he was still prior to the appointment of assistant trump has collaborated with a number of Russian companies received a total of more than 50 thousand dollars.

The publication also alleged that in December 2015 RT paid Flynn about 34 thousand dollars for participation in the conference organized by her. At the event, according to the publication, Flynn gave a speech concerning U.S. foreign policy and intelligence issues.

Michael Flynn was dismissed from his post of national security Advisor with the scandal. In December, Flynn during talks with the Russian Ambassador to the USA Sergei Kislyak discussed the issue of anti-Russian sanctions imposed by the Obama administration late last year. The media then reported that Flynn allegedly gave the Kremlin a signal that Moscow can count on the easing of restrictive measures.

Sam Flynn at first categorically denied that in conversations with the Ambassador of the Russian Federation has raised the subject of sanctions, but later his press Secretary explained that the adviser to trump “not remember the fact that the discussion of sanctions, but can’t be sure that this subject never came up in conversations”. On the evening of 13 February, trump accepted the resignation of Flynn. In a statement, the White house said about the loss of confidence in the President to the officials.

Flynn to the resignation prevented operations against ISIS* in Syria, at odds with the interests of Turkey 18.05.2017

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