In Transbaikalia after strikers due to non-payment of teachers of several schools in protest for the same reason arranged stokers in the settlement of a blast Furnace, located in 32 kilometers from Chita.

Some 50 workers protesting against delays in salary, lack of employment contracts and work tools, has threatened to “perepoloshit blast Furnace” and on the morning of November 16 lowered the temperature in the houses located in this village military garrison, reports the Agency “Submedia”.

“The temperature has lowered to 20 degrees, 30 degrees now the return line (50), say the protesters. Is the temperature at which the heating main is not nipped by the frost. Three boilers had lowered the temperature. Fourth, most likely, too will join. Garrison be nipped by the frost, people pity. And if there is an accident on a heating main, it will be even worse.”

The firemen stress that the strike they did not declare and act strictly within the law, fulfilling the requirements obliging operators of the boiler before you start to wear personal protective equipment. But they are not.

In the blast furnace families of pilots fighting in Syria

“And in the blast furnace now living of a family of pilots, who are fighting in Syria, – said one of interlocutors of the Agency. – How to ensure the rear? We have no coal”. Near the village is a military airport Domna. Workers boiler told that he applied to the army headquarters in Chita, where they said, “We are not interested”.

Thus, according to the protesters, they threatened to kill one of the chiefs, which “very much divorced”. “Today, the promised agreements. In the end, they brought in four people three pairs of verhoek (gloves). The shovel was one, and remained,” – said one of the firemen.

“Breathe in the boiler room it is impossible: no hoods, nothing is as it should be not made. We don’t even have employment contracts. We now do not know where you work,” said a resident of the blast furnace.

The head of state inspection of labor in Transbaikalia Julia Šadurska 14 December said that the salaries of the firemen in the blast furnace must pay by 18 December.

Cultural workers of the Baikal region do not receive a salary from September

Meanwhile the Deputy of regional Legislative Assembly Nikolay Syrovatka reportedthat employees of cultural institutions of the region are in even more “deplorable situation” – they still have not paid salaries for October and November. However, of the impending protests in the cultural environment of the region has not yet heard.

Let’s remind, on 10 December in Transbaikalia from-for salary nonpayments for November began to strike school teachers, halting the work until full repayment of the debt. The situation is attended to at the government level.

In early November, the Prosecutor’s office by results of checks on the facts of the previous delays of salaries to the teachers of schools of Transbaikalian made a submission to the head of the region Konstantin Ilkovsky for “insufficient filling of the budget of the region, which resulted in a shortfall in the payment of salaries to teachers”.

Ilkovsky previously warned about future delays in payment of salaries to state employees in the region and in the regional Ministry of Finance lack of money was explained by the high cost of execution of the may decrees of President Vladimir Putin.

Following the teachers in Transbaikalia stokers went on strike, vowing to “perepoloshit” military in the blast furnace 16.12.2015

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