A program of targeted food aid to needy Russians will require 40 billion rubles, which is “not yet”. As reported by RIA “Novosti”, said Tuesday the head of the Ministry Alexander Tkachev at a meeting of the agricultural Committee of the Federation Council.

“Again the problem is lack of funding. We felt that the program will cost about 40 billion. As richer – will do,” he said.
The Ministry of agriculture supports such a program, believing that she can help people and be an incentive for farmers. “I’m all for, it will be primarily to help people with low income, and on the other hand – to stimulate production growth,” – said Tkachev.

The Ministry of industry and trade, note, developed the concept of ration cards to poor citizens, who are entitled to various subsidies, and has made it into government in September last year.

Under this program, special Bank cards of citizens who need improvement of nutrition, will be credited with funds which they can spend on certain products – fresh, perishable, domestic.

Program launch planned for 2017. According to the Department, the launch of this program will require 240 billion rubles from the Federal and regional budgets, and rely on the assistance could 15-16 million Russians.
Later, the Ministry of industry and trade presented a different evaluation: in 2017, the program was planned to send 70 billion rubles, payments could be as high as 1.4 thousand rubles per month. The number of participants was estimated at 20 million people.

The Ministry of agriculture in may 2016 indicated that the provision of monthly cash payments of 1 million citizens in the amount of 1.2 thousand rubles will require the allocation of 15 billion rubles per year.
This summer, finally it turned outthat the Russian government intends to allocate from the budget of 2017 funds for the implementation of food aid programs for the poor.

The agriculture Ministry later promised to establish a mechanism for extrabudgetary funding for the programme of food aid to needy Russians, because funding budget funding for this programme and was not found.

Recall that the idea of introducing food cards in Russia over the last few years appearedrepeatedly – after a jump in inflation, drought, etc. In 2008, the draft law on food certificates for pensioners, invalids and other socially unprotected layers of the population has developed the “United Russia”, supported the idea of holding then a post of Minister of agriculture Alexey Gordeev.

In 2010 and 2012, the officials returned to this idea in different variations is discussed, in particular, certificates and subsidies. Against such measures is always made by the Finance Ministry, which indicated that the country already has a separate program to support farmers and the poor. In some regions food support is now operating in one form or another.

Then the proposal to introduce a special credit card “targeted food assistance” for the poor as the “actual solution to the problem of inflation in a market way” sounded in the fall of 2014 at the expert Council under the Federal Antimonopoly service (FAS) on the development of competition in the retail sector.

For a program of targeted food aid to the poor need 40 billion rubles, and their “not yet” 18.11.2016

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