The former Senator from the government of the Komi Republic and former head of the region
Vladimir Torlopova a criminal case under article 210 of the Russian criminal code
“Organization of criminal community and participation in it”, according to TASS referring
a reference to a source in law enforcement bodies of Republic.

The measure will be elected on Thursday, October 6. At
according to the source, the investigation intends to apply for a home
arrest, the decision will make one of district courts of Moscow. The Website,
the first reported case, with a link to your source
writes that Torlopov took off today in Moscow.

About the case reported Syktyvkar online-journal “7×7″, but
officially in investigatory management SK of Russia across Komi said that
the Department has no information on the prosecution of a former Senator.

“Interfax” citing a source familiar with the situation, reports that “on Wednesday, lawyer Torlopova was handed a subpoena for questioning as a suspect in the high-profile “case Gayzer”.

Torlopov of the Komi Republic was headed by two consecutive terms from 2002 to 2010
he was then appointed a member of the Federation Council of the Russian Federation, where he was replaced by Dmitry
Shatokhin, appointed the current head of the Komi Sergei Gaplikov.

Torlopov “opened the way for the power of members of the criminal community”

According to the source TASS, a criminal case has Torlopova
of direct relevance to the”case
successor Torlopova at the head of the Komi Republic.

Vyacheslav Gaizer, who, according to investigators, was engaged in illegal alienation of the state share of the poultry farm “zelenetskaya”, hotels Yugor and avalon, was arrested on 20 September 2015, he was charged under four articles of the criminal code:
“Organisation and participation in criminal community”, “Fraud”,
“Legalization (laundering) of money or other property
acquired through the Commission of crimes, especially large
the amount, by an organized group” and “receiving a bribe in especially large
size”. According to the investigation, the size of the caused damage exceeds 1
billion. Initially, the investigation called by the defendants in the “case Gayzer”
19 people, 15 were arrested, one sent under house arrest, and
three were not named. One of these three sources in law enforcement
the structures of the Komi Republic called Torlopova, notes TASS.

The leadership of the Komi Republic for the last time not the first time mentioned in connection
with criminal cases. In giving large bribes to the former leadership of the Komi accused the former General Director of “Beeline” Mikhail Slobodin, and co-owner of group of companies “Renova” Yevhen olkhovyk and the General Director of PJSC “T Plus” Boris Vajnziher.

The name of Vladimir Torlopova in connection with the “business Gayzer” is mentioned in
expert report of the Chairman of Parnas Ilya Yashin “Party
“Criminal Russia”
, where we are talking about criminal clan
the backbone of which was formed in 1994 from the staff
“Komisotsbank”. This credit and financial organization was headed by Alexander Zarubin, the largest oligarch in Komi Republic in 2000-ies, ex-General Director of “Renova” and former husband of the singer Lolita Milavskaya. Investigators believe Zarubina
the “brain gang” and the author of most criminal schemes. Gaiser in
the mid 1990-ies was in the Bank his Deputy.

“In the criminal community, the group began to take shape when the Republic of
headed by new Governor – the representative of “United Russia” Vladimir
Torlopov. Zarubin organized group (Gaiser at that time
was her ordinary member) provided it with logistical support in
election campaign. After the election Torlopov has opened the way in
the government members of the criminal community, who held important positions in
the leadership of the Republic,” – says Yashin.

“Torlopov, in fact, gave the Republic the “team
like-minded people”, United by issues of personal gain, and he remained
with Executive function to go to the leadership of the country,”
recalls the former mayor of Syktyvkar Sergey Katunin” (quoted by the report
Ilya Azar, “a good Governor” on the website Meduza).

The leader of the Parnas in the Republic of Komi Leonid Zilberg told the publication that
Governor Gaizer is Torlopova “made” in 2010, because
new Torlopova team Zarubina was uncomfortable to work. “Though he
weak and controlled was, but something he had to prove
explain. I heard sitting in the office of one of the members
team as they discussed Torlopova: “You get a leash on this idiot, how much
“. Zilberg called the former Governor Torlopov “gray mouse” and
a C-student. According to former Vice Governor Anatoly Karakchieva,
Gaiser in what was happening in the country to blame is much less Torlopova.

Now all team members Zarubina arrested and the businessman 18
September 2015 had to fly to London. What Torlopov remained
free, sources of the edition in 2015 tied to his membership in
The Council Of The Federation.

For another ex-head of the Komi Republic opened a case under article on the organization of criminal community 06.10.2016

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