State Duma deputies will now be fined one sixth of their salary for each absence. The relevant amendments to the regulations of the lower chamber of the financial responsibility of parliamentarians that are missing from the workplace without good reason, announced by state Duma speaker Vyacheslav Volodin, adopted at the meeting on 16 November.

Changes made to the 44th article of the rules of court, reports TASS. “In the absence of the Deputy of the state Duma session of the house without a good reason, in respect of his liability is established in the form of reduced monthly payments. One-sixth for each missed meeting of the chamber”, – quotes Agency the adopted document.

A quitter is recognized as the Deputy, who never checked in during the plenary sessions, and three such registrations at 10: 00, 12:00 and 16:00, said Vice-speaker of the state Duma Igor Lebedev of the LDPR faction.

The decision on the penalty is taken by the Deputy of the state Duma Committee on rules and shall be posted on the official website of the chamber. Valid reasons for absence at the meeting of the state Duma has prescribed in its regulations previously is a temporary disability, business trip in the country or abroad, and also perform critical assignments outside of the building on Okhotny Ryad, for example participation in meetings of the state Council and security Council.

Earlier, another Deputy speaker of the state Duma and Secretary of the General Council “United Russia” Sergei Neverov said the scheme of penalties: in the lower house held six plenary meetings per month, and if the MP did not come to one of them, one-sixth of the wages he had to take away, do not come again, another one-sixth. However, he proposed to exclude from the Duma deputies for truancy: “don’t come within a month – we can bring the issue of deprivation of office as a Deputy.”

The current monthly salary of the Deputy of the state Duma is 383 927 roubles. Thus, each absence will cost the MP almost 64 thousand roubles.

However, the Internet is collecting signatures on a petition to President Vladimir Putin and Prime Minister Dmitry Medvedev with the proposal to reduce the salary of the newly elected Duma deputies to the minimum wage (SMIC), which in 2016 is 7500 rubles. As of 16 November, a petition signed by more than 28 thousand people.

Shirkers and “ordinary”

The theme of irregular attendance of meetings of the lower chamber of deputies has been raised repeatedly in years past. Especially actively it is being discussed in the campaign against truants in the state Duma in 2010, when the President was Dmitry Medvedev. Then he was subjected to sharp criticism of those who missed a session in the state Duma and proposed to amend the legislation to parliamentarians “walking in another place.”

In the summer of that year, the state Duma adopted amendments to the law “On the status member of the Federation Council and the status of the Deputy of the state Duma of the Federal Assembly of the Russian Federation”, which obliged the deputies and senators to attend plenary meetings”.

A year earlier, the media has been talking about the fact that the deputies of the state Duma mass skipping session of the lower house, and state TV uses archive footage, where the room is full, not to discredit the people’s representatives.

In order to break a quorum, absentees were given their cards to colleagues on fraction, and, during the time of the vote had to run through the rows and push the buttons is missing. Deputies with the bundles of other people’s voting cards called “ordinary”.

Buttons for each other do not press and state machines hurl not to drive

At the meeting of 21 October 2016, the state Duma with the filing Volodina adopted amendments to its rules of procedure, deprived MPs of the opportunity to vote instead of their colleagues in the proxy in connection with absence at the meeting of the lower house, its Committee or Commission.

From this point on are solely the personal vote, and absent for a valid reason, the member can Express their position in a statement addressed to the Chairman of the state Duma, which is reflected in the transcript. The valid reasons are the same as in the case of absentees.

And in early November, deputies of the state Duma of the new convocation was forbidden to use official cars at a distance greater than 50 kilometers from Moscow. As reported, this was done at the request of the Avtokombinat the office of the President.

Deputy Chairman of the Duma Committee on transport Alexander Starovoitov explained that most of his colleagues represent the regions, so travel around the Moscow region on cars, they are often unable for personal purposes.

For each absence deputies of the state Duma will be deprived sixth of the monthly salary 16.11.2016

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