Kaluga lovers of tincture of hawthorn got the opportunity to buy it without going to the pharmacy: in the city there are special vending machines called “Boyarka”, reports the website of the Kaluga 24″.

One of these machines recently installed on the wall of the trading house “Mechta” at the intersection of Grabcevskoe freeway and Motor street in Kaluga. Tincture of hawthorn the machine works around the clock for 20 rubles a bottle, the report said. On the bottle it is written: “beauty Lotion with alcohol content of 75%”.

Hawthorn tincture is a medicinal drug used to treat cardiac ailments. However, a certain category of our citizens uses it and other such alcohol tincture to “cure” a completely different disease – alcoholism.

Tincture of hawthorn began to be sold in vending machines #Kaluga https://t.co/txW8XW0Br9 pic.twitter.com/90yg2iizaN

For fans of hawthorn tincture in Kaluga put Laundry machines 04.10.2016

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