Foreign Minister of Britain, Boris Johnson said it was impossible to continue the talks on Syria on the background of the bombing of hospitals, which are attributed to the Syrian and Russian aircraft. Meanwhile, the Syrian army continued after the Sunday attacks and bombings called on militants to leave the Eastern districts of Aleppo under guarantee of safe passage.

Johnson is already the day before accused Russia of war crimes in Syria. He continued his line at the Congress of the Conservative party in Birmingham. “The ongoing brutality of the Assad regime against the population of Aleppo and the complicity of Russia in committing obvious war crimes, the bombing of hospitals, when they know that this hospital and nothing else, except hospitals, – make impossible the resumption of peace talks, and only increase the migration crisis,” he said.

The inter-Syrian negotiations broke down in Geneva in late April, leading to serious results and the timing of their resumption has repeatedly shifted, reminds TASS.

In the morning the Russian foreign Ministry said on the telephone conversation foreign Minister Sergei Lavrov and U.S. Secretary of state John Kerry, who discussed some steps to normalize the situation in Aleppo.

According to reports from the city, a week under the fire of the Syrian military, backed by Russian VKS broken Sunday never comes. Reuters , citing data from the army and the defenders of the Syrian Supervisory Board for human rights reported that government troops have managed to move South towards the city of the employed earlier refugee camp of Handarat, partially taking control of a few areas.

In early September, Russia and the United States signed an agreement on Syria. It was supposed to demarcate the territory that are controlled by terrorist groups and the moderate Syrian opposition and to establish the delivery of humanitarian aid.

After the adoption of the documents on 12 September in Syria have declared a truce, and the first day of the UN recorded a decrease in casualties among the civilian population. However, later in the vicinity of Aleppo shelled a humanitarian convoy of the UN, killing at least 20 people. The United States accused in the attack on the convoy of the Russian VKS, the defense Ministry denied it.

In Aleppo, after the collapse of truce began the offensive of the Syrian army. A large-scale operation lasts for a week.

The Syrian army is a fighters liberate Aleppo

The official Syrian news Agency SANA reported on Sunday that the Syrian army command urged the militants to leave their control of Eastern areas of Aleppo under guarantee of safe passage. “The army command calls upon all militants in the Eastern neighborhoods of Aleppo to leave these neighborhoods and give people to live a normal life,” a statement quoted by RIA “Novosti”.

It is noted that wished to leave the fighters “will be guaranteed safe passage and needed help.”

The Syrian army controls about half of Syrian’s Northern capital. 22 Sep command announced the beginning of military operations in the occupied by terrorists in Eastern Aleppo.

Foreign Minister of Britain declared impossibility of negotiations on Syria at the background of the bombing of hospitals 02.10.2016

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