The former head of the Chechen municipal enterprise “Heat supply” of Lom-Ali Albiev said that he was tortured in a building of the mayoralty of Grozny, and the mayor of the city Muslim Huchiev personally asked a friend to bring a machine to torture with current.

As told Albiev defenders of the”Memorial”, and they betrayed his story public, he owned in Chechnya firm “low-temperature system – NTS”. Last year he was invited to lead the “Heat”, to which he agreed.

His work was supervised by officials of the city hall, and the brother of the mayor, the head of Committee of municipal economy, constantly interfered in the work of “Heat”. In February 2017 Albiev complained to the mayor’s intervention, and he promised to investigate. On 24 February he was summoned to a meeting in the town hall, where he was accused of stealing money, but he denies it.

Then the guards of the mayor hucieva chained official came in handcuffs, took him to the basement and there began to beat and torture with a Taser. Then Albiev was brought to the office hucieva, where he called the friend and asked brought the machine to torture with current. The official was tortured until three in the morning. In the end, he incriminated himself and confessed to the theft of 28 million rubles.

The official could not collect the necessary sum, and then the threats began to come his family. After this, he fled to Europe. In the “memorial” he asked in the beginning of June. Human rights activists have written letters to law enforcement agencies, but no reply received. In the “Memorial” they say that I don’t know how the story of a Chechen official truthful, but he sent photos with signs of torture.

In may to distant relatives Albiev came people masquerading as representatives of the mayor. They said “an error has occurred with the amount”, and if there was a theft, a minor. They asked the family to pass Albievu that he can return not only home, but to his post and forget this “little misunderstanding”.

Former Chechen official complained of torture in the city hall of Grozny 18.07.2017

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