Dorogomilovsky court of Moscow sentenced the former Deputy head of the Ministry of culture Grigory Pirumov, the main person involved in resonance , “the works of the restorers”, a one and a half years of imprisonment in a General regime colony and a fine of 1 million rubles.

As reports RAPSI, the court credited against the sentence, the time spent by Pirumova in jail. “Release Pirumova in court in connection with the sentence,” announced the sentencing judge.

Earlier eks-the official has fully repented, and that was the basis for the consideration of the case in a special order without research of proofs. The Prosecutor in the trial said Pirumov has fulfilled all the conditions of a plea deal.

In addition, the judge ordered to remove the arrest from property of the defendants (real estate, cash and Bank accounts) in the “case of restorers” because they repair the damage caused, said RIA “Novosti”.

In this case under arrest, until recently, remained Pirumov, the head of the state enterprise “Center for restoration” under the jurisdiction of the Ministry of culture, Oleg Ivanov, Director of property management and investment policy of the Ministry of culture Boris Mazo, the head of the company “Baltstroy” Dmitry Sergeev. Managing Director of “Baltstroy” Alexander Kochenov, was released on bail of 10 million rubles for health reasons.

Detention in the “case of restorers” are also project Manager of “Baltstroy” Mr Swanbeck, who confessed and reimbursed the part of the alleged damage, as well as the head of FGUP “Directorate for construction and restoration” of the Ministry of culture Boris Tsagaraev. All persons involved in partially or fully admitted their guilt.

A criminal case against several leaders of the culture associated with the embezzlement of state funds allocated for work on a number of objects of cultural heritageincluding the Hermitage Museum, Novodevichy monastery and Izborsk fortress, was initiated in March 2016. Pirumova was charged with in the organization especially large fraud by a group. it was Reported that he was found and arrested, account for tens of millions of rubles.

According to investigators, in 2012, Pirumov has created a criminal group whose members have signed contracts with erroneous information and high cost of services for the execution of restoration works.

All defendants in criminal cases are charged under part 4 of article 159 (“Fraud in especially large size a group of persons”) the criminal code of the Russian Federation. As reported, the damage caused to the budget from activity of swindlers, according to preliminary estimates, is about 100 million rubles.

Prime Minister Dmitry Medvedev in early December 2016 released Pirumov from the post of Deputy Minister of culture of the Russian Federation. In his place was appointed theologian Alexander Zhuravsky. Despite the corruption scandal in the Ministry of culture, in the Kremlin last spring was given to understandthat the head of the Ministry Vladimir Medinsky, the resignation in this context is not threatened.

Former Deputy Minister of the Ministry of culture sentenced to fifteen years in prison for “the case of restorers” and released in the court room 09.10.2017

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