On the background of the victory of Republican Donald trump in the US presidential election journalists talk about how it will manifest itself first lady of the country. Still about the interests of the wife 70-year-old billionaire 46-year-old Melania, very little was known. In the press focused expensive outfits wife trump and her modeling career. There are also several scandals, including loud story with a performance of Melania, which found plagiarism speeches of Michelle Obama, wife of current President Barack Obama, whose powers expire on January 20, 2017.

Apparently aware that the status of the first lady requires more public activity, wife trump ahead of the elections announced, what it intends to do in the future. The statement of the Slovenian model has caused a storm of ridicule on the Internet.

Melania trump 3 November made in Pennsylvania with a 15 minute treatment. Except for a few interviews, it was the first public appearance after the scandal with the borrowing of Obama’s speech, which broke out in July of 2016, noted the publication Politico.

The most resonant was the promise Melania to deal with Internet trolls in that case, if she becomes first lady of the United States. “We need to find more effective ways to honor and support the main virtues of our children, especially in social media. It will be one of the main areas of my work, if I have enough advantages to be your first lady. I also will work hard to improve women’s everyday lives,” assured the wife of the billionaire.

“It’s crazy, when 12-year-old girl or boy being bullied, intimidate them, attack. Scary when it happens on the Playground, and is absolutely unacceptable, if it makes someone with no name, hiding in the Internet”, – said the model.

The publication noticed that the comments Melania trump regarding Internet trolls, is quite applicable to her husband. Billionaire repeatedly made insulting statements, in particular in his Twitter. Including Donald trump rude comments about women and was involved in several high-profile scandals of abuse.

The words of Melania trump did not leave indifferent those who opposed the election of her husband to the presidency. Journalists, celebrities and ordinary users have drawn attention to the absurdity of the promises of the model given the conduct of her husband on the Internet, not very correct. So, the singer Lady Gaga who launched into the social networks an entire advertising campaign in support of Democratic candidate Hillary Clinton, has accused the Melania hypocrisy. “Your husband is one of the most notorious trolls that we have ever seen,” said pop star on Twitter.

The author of the article in Forbes asks the question, how seriously Melania trump in fact concerned with issues of Internet trolling. “If she has genuine interest, dedication and knowledge to introduce change? She didn’t say about Internet trolls for a very long time and she doesn’t have much of a track record in this field. She did not say clearly what to do with Internet trolling” – draws the attention of the journalist.

The author of the article recalls the main achievements of the first lady of the United States. Eleanor Roosevelt fought for equal rights for all, speaking for an end to segregation and lynching; Claudia Johnson (known as Lady bird) helped to make the law of 1965 on the reduction of outdoor advertising and the financing of the cleanup of highways; Betty Ford spoke out against alcoholism, was engaged in the fight against breast cancer and sought equal opportunities for women; Rosalynn Carter was interested in the research in the field of mental health and spectacular forms of art; Nancy Reagan campaigned against drug use; Hillary Clinton was interested in the problems of the health system; Laura Bush focused on education and literacy; Michelle Obama launched the Let’s Move campaign to increase physical activity and combat obesity.

The interests Melania trump it is little known. She was born in 1970 in the Socialist Federal Republic of Yugoslavia (in present-day Slovenia). Maiden name – Knows. Melania entered the University of Ljubljana, majoring in “architecture and design”, but dropped out after the first year, he moved to Milan. From the age of 16 began her career in the modeling business.

Married trump (for him this is the third marriage) in 2005, and then retrained as a designer and a businesswoman. In the same year became a goodwill Ambassador for the American red cross.

From Melania has a 10-year-old son from trump named Barron. The difference in spouses age is 24 years. It should be noted that Melania trump will be the first wife of a U.S. President that was born in the country of the socialist camp.

In August, The British Daily Mail drew attention to published this year the unofficial biography of the wife trump called “From the brothel to the White house: the true story of Melania trump.” The publication disseminated by the assumption that the relationship billionaire and Slovenian models began some years before the official date and it happened at a time when the businessman was married. The newspaper claimed that there are witnesses who confirm the fact of work Melania escort on condition of anonymity.

Later, the lawyers Melania reported filing a lawsuit against The Daily Mail with the intent to sue up to $ 150 million for damage to reputation. As a result, the article about the Slovenian model disappeared from the online edition.

Previous public speaking Melania trump were also accompanied by scandal. The model was accused of borrowing whole passages from the speech of the present first lady Michelle Obama. As a result, the speechwriter wife trump took the blame for plagiarism on themselves and brought a apology.

Former model Melania trump had promised as first lady to fight with Internet trolls 09.11.2016

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