Clip the”Baby” of the former vocalist of the group “Leningrad” Alice Vaux, which criticized the students, facing protests, was shot by order of “government agencies” for two million rubles, the newspaper reports Meduza, citing an anonymous source close to the singer.

In the clip, released on may 15, the singer in the image of the teacher advises the students coming to the protest with four mistakes on the poster in a nutshell, take hold of the mind and “begin with itself”: “to Learn from mistakes is never too late, / my heart wants to change, then start with yourself” – sung in the song.

A source on condition of anonymity, told with the words of the singer and her musicians that they proposed “to impose the opposition,” paid about two million rubles. The musicians agreed, counting on future corporate orders, and figured out “how to do it effectively”.

The singer on the request to comment on it said that it “zadolbali these issues” and that she “takes time out” and “goes to radio silence”. “I wrote the song is not about politics, they fuck me there priputali, I don’t understand,” said the singer.

Earlier in an interview with RBC-TV she called the song a “hit,” which “captured a large number of minds.” “I never count on a specific audience,” said singer. “My song for those who believes that primary education, like, to be somebody, to be in life, and then to Express their civic position, based on some experience,” she explained.

“I’m worried about the fate of those who deceive and mislead. Look for lights at least dangerous to life, because there is just to fall,” she added. In the song, among other things, contains an attack against those who the students “mountains of gold and the Euro promised” perefraziruya the Kremlin charges against participants of anti-corruption rallies, which allegedly went to the street because of the promised reward for participation or for the detention of the shares.

A source confirmed the allegations on may 16 opposition activist Alexei Navalny. “Listen, decided to allocate three suitcases of money to bring the producers of fashionable artists for writing an anti-political songs,” – said on the website Navalny. “We are defeated. The Kremlin has struck us. Young people no longer advocates the fight against corruption and do not go to rallies on 12 June, which has already involved 193 of the city”, – ironically said the opposition leader.

Cords commented on the work of the two organizations obscene poems

The leader of the “Leningrad” Sergey Shnurov responded to the song “Baby” twice. 16 may in Instagram he published a poem in which, in particular, stated that “kids are not stupid” and do not perceive the propaganda that inspires them: “Live, children, they say, not very much, / In freedom lies the mistake.”

In another post Cords criticized the video for the song, which, according to him, “all carelessly”, and drew claims the singer made the students, to her: “Any statement, especially in the imperative mood, claiming the leadership role, whatever it may be in content, should at least not conflict with the form. If you shoot the video with lower quality than the novice videoblogger, where carelessly all: make-up, lights, camera angles, editing; writing text that even the most worthless site will not accept due to very uninteresting preschool and rhymes, teaching looks simply inappropriate. Yes, Yes. Exactly. “Start with themselves”, – stated in the post.

Alice VOX-Burmistrova sang in the group “Leningrad” in 2012. In March 2016, she left the band at the peak of popularity of the song “Exhibit” about the heroine of “louboutins”. The leader of the “Leningrad” after her departure saidthat he “created a character of myth out of nothing.”

Former soloist of “Leningrad” was accused of the shooting of the clip of the protesters schoolchildren by order of the Kremlin 17.05.2017

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