Former U.S. Ambassador to Russia Michael McFaul on November 9 closely followed the presidential elections of his country and actively comment on what is happening. In one of the messages on Twitter he wrote: “Putin has interfered in our elections and succeeded. Well done” (the last word he wrote in Russian, and the first sentence in English).

Soon, however, this message disappeared and the politician made an explanation. As explained McFaul, he deleted his tweet, “after hearing the arguments.” The former Ambassador stressed that, for him, have a value of “facts and logic”.

Meanwhile, McFaul’s statements have not gone unnoticed in Russia. In particular, the representative of the foreign Ministry Maria Zakharova wrote on Facebook: “First, the Obama Administration appointed these “Makhalov” in responsible positions and entrusted to them the management of not only their country, but many vassal States, and then, when the situation became a stalemate, started to shout that Moscow was to blame”.

In turn, the press Secretary of the President Dmitry Peskov, answering on Wednesday a question, could Russia influence the electoral mood in the United States, said about the absurdity of such assumptions.

“I urge you to recall the words of President Vladimir Putin, who he said at the Valdai forum. He noted that it would be absurd to believe that any country in the world, including Russia, can have an impact on the election campaign in the United States,” – said Peskov, quoted by “Interfax”. He urged “to listen to the position of President with such estimates.”

The Times: the Kremlin initially wanted to avenge Clinton

The Western press, again returning to the subject of the possible influence on the election process in the United States, writes that perhaps Russia did not expect that trump will become President, but did everything to discredit Clinton.

“It all started as part of Moscow’s “policy pals” for the settling of accounts,” writes columnist Roger boys the article in The Times. According to the author of the article, which leads InoPressa, no “at the court of Vladimir Putin” did not expect that trump will be the candidate in US presidents from Republican party. “Rather, the Kremlin thought that the shadow elite of rich people in America get chewed up and spit out a trump, as Putin himself ate for Breakfast Boris Berezovsky – oligarch with political ambitions,” continues the boy.

Thus, the Russian intervention in the elections was started in order to mess with the democratic process and to take revenge on Hillary Clinton, the article says. However, after the approval of trump as a candidate
The Kremlin “has taken a turn,” since Moscow, it became clear that “we can win the American election, not just to spoil them”. Traces of the intervention of Russia – cyber attacks and the resignation of the head of the electoral headquarters of the trump Paul Manafort after allegations that he received more than $ 12 million working for the Russian ally of ex-President Viktor Yanukovych.

Then Putin sent to the coast of Syria a military fleet aircraft carrier “Admiral Kuznetsov”, to prevent the Americans to gain control of Syrian airspace. Thus Putin “skillfully increased the possible price of a more aggressive military position of the United States,” but he also put Clinton the “candidate wars” and trump is an advocate of peace.

Intensifying fighting near Aleppo, and then stopping air strikes during the debate of presidential candidates, Putin gave Trump the opportunity to say that Russia has “outsmarted” Obama and Clinton and to call for a review of relations with the Kremlin, the article says.

Former U.S. Ambassador to Russia explained why he deleted the tweet about Putin’s influence on U.S. presidential election 09.11.2016

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