During the inspection of the ruins of the house in the village of Alcanar in Catalonia the police found traces of explosives that the militants of the “Islamic state” previously used in the Commission of other terrorist attacks in Europe, particularly in Brussels, Paris and London. About it as transfers TASS, on Friday evening said the Spanish newspaper El Pais.

According to the newspaper, in an alleged hideout of terrorists was discovered triperoxide acetone. This finding may indicate that the militants were preparing more major terrorist attacks.

An explosion in a house in Alcanar, located approximately 160 kilometers southwest of Barcelona, thundered in the night on August 17. As a result, one person was killed and seven were injured. Initially it was thought that the cause of the explosions was a gas leak. It was later determined that the house exploded a device that produced tenants.

On the afternoon of 17 August the van had run into a crowd of people in Barcelona walking the Ramblas. As a result, 13 people were killed and over 100 injured. The police managed to detain two suspects in the terrorist attack. In addition, on the night of August 18, police managed another similar terrorist attack in the town of Cambrils.

The explosion in Alcanar could happen in a clandestine plant where they made bombs made of gas cylinders for terrorists. The police assume that the random explosion of one of the cylinders, probably led to the fact that the terrorists have accelerated their plans and made the attack earlier than planned.

Note that as a result of the attacks killed 14 people, more than 130 have got wounds of various severity.

Found in the house of the Spanish terrorists the explosives were similar to the militants used in the attacks in Paris 19.08.2017

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