In the rehabilitation centre “Mother and child” in Tomsk, according to preliminary data, due to intestinal infection hospitalized 20 people, including 14 children. Investigators are checking in connection with obtaining information about the mass poisoning of people said on the SC website.

“On September 26, 2016 during the day from the rehabilitation center “Mother and child”, located in the city of Tomsk, in medical institutions of Tomsk has been delivered twenty people, including fourteen children and six adults. Admitted to hospital, patients exhibited a preliminary diagnosis of common intestinal infection”, – said in a press release of the Ministry.

As told In the Tomsk representatives of the regional Department of health, was hospitalized with the preliminary diagnosis “an intestinal infection”, are in stable condition. They provide all the necessary assistance. They also noted that hospitalized 21 people instead of 20, according to RF IC. Patients told the physicians that before you got sick, ate noodles nautically, reports RIA “Tomsk”. In the hospital they will stay at least five days. Among them there are employees of the center.

According Life.rurehabilitation center “Mother and child” belongs to the public charity Fund “helping Hand” that helps drug and alcohol addicts. Only the center was 35: 15 parents and 17 children and three staff.

September 24, Rospotrebnadzor declared alarm in connection with the intensification of enterovirus in seven regions of Russia. Service for supervision in the sphere of consumer rights protection and human well-being calls the seven regions where the incidence of enterovirus infections is highest: the Khabarovsk territory, Tomsk and Yaroslavl regions, the Republic of Tyva and Kalmykia, Khanty-Mansi Autonomous Okrug and Jewish Autonomous oblast.

“The source of enterovirus infection may be a sick person or an infected asymptomatic carrier of the virus. The virus can be transmitted through dirty hands, toys, and other objects of the external environment, through water and food. Enteroviruses is widely and commonly distributed cause different clinical manifestations and severity of disease,” – said in the message Department.

In some areas, children are forbidden to use the swimming pools for the prevention of infection in educational institutions of additional disinfection and laboratory examination. The report stresses that “it allows you to identify the children and staff with asymptomatic form of the current infection and to organize their exclusion from children’s groups”.

In the treatment of the sick should be disinfected premises, point out officials. For prophylaxis is recommended to observe rules of personal hygiene and to wash hands thoroughly, drink only bottled or boiled water, to monitor shelf life of products, wash fruit, berries and vegetables. “Adherence to simple preventive measures in most cases, will prevent infection with pathogens enteroviruses,” – emphasizes the Federal service.

Enteroviruses are very stable in the environment, tolerate low temperatures. “In the refrigerator, they are stored for several weeks in tap water to survive 18 days in river water for nearly a month, the treated waste water – up to two months,” reports the service. The source of infection is the only people – sick or healthy carrier, the virus is transmitted in many ways: water, contact-household, airborne. The virus, according to the CPS, “very effectively” infects young children in contact with small doses of water, food.

Fourteen children were hospitalized from the rehab center in Tomsk due to an infection 26.09.2016

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