The Federal Bureau of investigation (FBI), the U.S. maintains around the clock surveillance on American soil for potential terrorists. At least 48 persons suspected of having links with a terrorist group “Islamic state” (banned in Russia), are “under the hood” at the security forces, according to TV channel Fox News.

According to us authorities, these people represent the most serious danger. According to the channel, the surveillance of suspects lead the dissolution of the FBI – the so-called mobile groups monitoring (MST), which are among the most elite departments.

Such groups are usually involved in investigations related to terrorist threat, espionage, or activities of especially dangerous criminal gangs, and to eliminate terrorists.

According to Fox News, the MST teams were deployed to monitor the 26-year-old Osama Abdullah Rahim, who was suspected of planning attacks against guards. It was shot in Boston (Massachusetts) in June this year an FBI agent. The reason was pointed out that the interrogate has tried to attack the agent with a knife. A similar incident happened in 2013: then during the questioning, an FBI agent killed Chechen Ibrahim Todoshev.

Now American law enforcement agencies and specjalista watched about 1000 people in the USA that could fall under the influence of the IG. And 48 of them can represent, according to the authorities, the most serious danger.

A member of the Senate intelligence Committee of the U.S. Congress, Republican Senator Dan Coates has confirmed that the security forces monitor a large number of people, and stated that the surveillance requires “a huge human resources and Finance.” It is, in his words, is “24 hours a day, seven days a week.”

Fox News: an elite unit of FBI monitored 48 the most dangerous alleged terrorists 27.11.2015

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