Some of the weapons to Syria, where for several years does not stop the civil war, Russia is supplying free of charge, said Russian Ambassador to Syria Alexander Kinsac. As reported by “Interfax”, the Ambassador emphasized that the financial capability of Damascus in the fight against terrorists has decreased, and therefore “part of the supply is free of charge or on preferential terms”.

He also expressed concern that to support the terrorists “foreign sponsors” to give them modern weapons. The Ambassador explained that “acting on the territory of Syria’s many armed groups received significant support with money and arms from foreign governments, including some neighbors of Syria.” Kinsac fears that weapons could fall into the hands of prohibited in Russia organizations “Dzhabhat EN-Nusra” or the “Islamic state” (IG, DAYS).

Kadyrov has told about the network agents of the Chechen special forces within the “Islamic state”

Apparently, it is about the Syrian opposition, which began a confrontation with the authorities back in 2011. Then, peaceful protests were violently dispersed by the authorities (about it wrote earlier to RIA “Novosti”). Then the protesters demanded the resignation of Syrian President Bashar al-Assad and taken up arms. During the confrontation the troops the President has used chemical weapons, suspected in the West. Civil war and devastation in the country has allowed terrorists to seize large territories in Syria. Against the militants of the “Islamic state” are fighting both sides of the civil conflict.

Russia announced cooperation with the Syrian opposition

With the end of 2014, the international coalition led by the US has been fighting with terrorists. From 30 September 2015 separately from the coalition in the battle with ISIS has entered Russia starting bombing.

While the West has repeatedly claimed that Russia is bombing not so much the positions of the IG, how many sides of the civil war and the opposition who oppose the government of President Bashar al-Assad but also fighting against terrorists. This, as claimed by Western media, is beneficial to the Islamists. In the Russian Federation this information have denied.

“From the very beginning of our operations in Syria, the Russian leadership has repeatedly declared its readiness to interact with
formations of the so-called moderate opposition. Some of the leaders of these groups responded to our call. With them already established contacts and, in some cases, practical cooperation and coordination,” said Kinshuk. He said that Russia will continue to communicate with the “Patriotic part of the armed opposition”.

It is unknown when the operation will end in Syria

“Operation of the Russian space forces in Syria is entering its fifth month,” said the Ambassador. He pointed out that the timing of its completion is still unknown. “The tight timelines of its implementation have not been established”, he said, stressing: “I don’t think in this case it is appropriate to talk about the hidden plans to secure long-term military presence in Syria.”

Note that the international community has repeatedly tried to settle the situation in Syria, including with the involvement of negotiators from two sides. One of the peace initiatives was the plan of UN special envoy and the League of Arab States (LAS) Kofi Annan, which has not been fulfilled.

Meetings of the authorities and the Syrian opposition in Geneva, but so far success has not crowned. The Syrian opposition said it was ready to conduct interviews only in the event of a ceasefire, but they were forbidden to put such conditions. The West accused Moscow of failure of negotiations: the fact that military actions by the authorities lead to successful wins. Some experts believe that Russian planes are supporting Assad forces from the air in combat against the opposition. While Islamists such contractions only going to benefit.

Weapons to Syria delivered in accordance with the rules

Kinsac criticized the reaction to the success of Assad. “Any change in the balance of forces on the battlefield in favour of the government forces, the volume of external assistance to illegal armed groups from abroad to dramatically increase,” he said. The Ambassador also said that Russian arms supplies to Syria are carried out in strict accordance with international standards.

Note that after the outbreak of the civil war in Syria, the EU imposed an embargo on arms supplies to this country. In the summer of 2012 Russia’s actions have provoked a diplomatic incident – it was connected with the ship “Alaid”.

In June The British The Telegraph said that the cargo ship to Syria carries helicopters. In the MFA this information at first denied, but then admittedthat the ship was carrying “three helicopters”. According to the Agency, Syria didn’t buy them – these machines were already Syrian, just “the place in Russia.” As a result the ship and never sailed to Syria.

The EU embargo on arms supplies to Syria was cancelled in may 2013.

Military cooperation between Moscow and Damascus continued for several decades: arms to Syria was put back in the USSR, that started in 1970-ies, when the power in the country came Hafez al-Assad, father of the current President of Syria.

Free Russia supplies arms to Syria 08.02.2016

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