The French aircraft carrier “Charles de Gaulle”, located in the Eastern Mediterranean, again participated in combat operations against the banned terrorist group Islamic state (DAISH). With its deck rose into the air fighters launched strikes on the positions of terrorists in Iraq, transfers TV channel BFM.TV.

Eight Rafale fighters flew to Mosul, which was occupied by the militants. Currently, the Iraqi army is advancing on the terrorists and trying to take the city.

This is the third mission of “Charles de Gaulle” in the international coalition against the “Islamic state”. November 24, 2015 the French aircraft carrier-based aircraft launched the first strikes on positions “Islamic state” in Syria.

On bringing the flagship of the French Navy for operation against terrorists in Syria and Iraq was announced in early November of last year. For 2014, the French operation “Shamal” against terrorists applied only on the territory of Iraq.

Air group on the aircraft carrier has 40 aircraft, including 12 carrier-based fighter Rafale M. the Use of “Charles de Gaulle” in the area of the Syrian conflict have allowed France twice to strengthen the capabilities of air groups. Note that Paris has launched a more intensive bombardment in Syria after a series of attacks in the French capital on November 13. Then killed 130 people, more than 350 were injured. The responsibility for a series of attacks claimed by the militants of the IG.

French fighter jets took off from the aircraft carrier “Charles de Gaulle” in the framework of the operation against ISIS 30.09.2016

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