November 16, 2016, employees of law enforcement bodies of the Republic of Iraq extradited to Russia 35-year-old citizen of the Russian Federation Adel al-Saffar’s. According to Russian investigators, al-Saffar’s were part of the criminal group which was engaged in drug trafficking in the Krasnodar region.

“Accompanied by a special escort Adel al-Saffar’s will be delivered to Moscow”, – informs the official website of the Prosecutor General of the Russian Federation. The Agency and insisted on the extradition of drug dealer.

The Prosecutor General noted that such an extradition from Iraq is “for the first time in 10 years.”

The criminal case against al-Saffar’s, born on 20 January 1981 in the Kuban region, is the production of the main investigation Department of the Moi for the Krasnodar territory.

According to the police, no later than June 2006 al-Saffar’s “as part of an organized criminal group created to commit grave and especially grave crimes, organized sale of drugs on the territory of Krasnodar Krai”.

So, he “immediately set the price of the drug in the Krasnodar region, took the money for the sold drugs, who later spent for personal needs,” noted investigators.

Al-Saffar’s incriminated the item “and, g” of part 3 of article 228.1 (“Illegal sale of narcotics in especially large size the organised group”), part 1 of article 30, paragraph “C” of part 3 of article 228.1 (“Preparation for illegal sale of narcotics in especially large size the organised group”), part 1 of article 228.1 (“Illegal sale of drugs”) criminal code of the Russian Federation. However, he managed to escape from prosecution. In this regard, in June 2007, Adele was announced in the Federal wanted list. And in December 2008 on behalf of the Prosecutor General of the Russian Federation he was put on the international wanted list on the territory of the member States of Interpol.

“The General Secretariat of Interpol issued an international notice of his wanted list with a red corner “Red Notice” to arrest and extradition,” – said the Prosecutor’s office. Orientation to al-Saffar’s posted on the website of Interpol. It says that the Russian command of Arabic.

In October 2015 al-Saffar’s was detained on the territory of Iraq. In the same month, the Prosecutor General’s office sent to the Iraqi authorities request for his extradition which was satisfied in October 2016.

“In the absence of direct flights between the Russian Federation and the Republic of Iraq the admission of the person sought will be carried out by transit through the territory of the UAE,” added the Prosecutor General’s office. This was made possible “thanks to the active role of the competent authorities of the UAE in combating crime and ratified both the Treaty between Russia and the UAE on extradition of 25 November 2014, simplifying the procedure of harmonization of transit.”

From Iraq extradited Russian citizen who arranged for the sale of drugs in the Kuban 16.11.2016

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