November 15, the staff of Interpol of the MIA of Russia held a procedure of an extradition of the citizen of Moldova Valery Graur. Man the last time he was hiding in Romania.

Alien Valery Graur accused of committing murder, rape and violent acts of a sexual nature, according to the official website of the interior Ministry.

He was declared internationally wanted by Interpol at the initiative of GU MVD of Moscow in March 2016. According to investigators, in 2004, Valery Graur, while in the Russian capital, raped the girl. He then strangled the victim with her Trouser belt and disappeared.

“In the course of operational-search activities the police received information about a possible departure of Graur outside of our country. It was included in the investigative records of the Interpol,” – said the interior Ministry.

In September 2016, a suspect in the murder of 12-year-old was detained by the Romanian police. The General Prosecutor’s office sent a request for extradition of the alleged offender. After that, Graur was transferred to the Russian convoy at the airport in Bucharest.

The attack of the Stranglers

In 2003 in Moscow, was raped and murdered over ten women. This led to the fact that the city rumors about a maniac-Strangler. The following year he was strangled and raped a few girls.

So, in the afternoon of 20 January 2004 near the railway embankment at Volochaevskaya street, next to the house N44 in the South-Eastern district of Moscow was discovered the corpse of a young woman with signs of strangulation and a noose around his neck. The deceased was 23-the summer student of one of Moscow universities. Signs of a struggle and rape during the inspection of the body is not revealed.

Day 24 March 2004, another corpse of a girl was found on the banks of the Moscow river near the house N2 at Odintsovo street in the northwestern administrative area. A face and a hand of the killed were eaten by rodents. If the deceased was a passport in the name of 21-year-old girl living in the South of Moscow.

According to preliminary data, the victim was strangled to death in early January.

On the morning of 10 August 2004 in a residential house 10, building 3 on the street molostovyh in one of the entrances was found dead 16-year-old graduate of the 11th class of high school. As established investigators, the criminal section, was raped and strangled the girl.

And on August 31, 2004 in Sokolniki Park at the scene was detained a resident of Moscow Queen who tried to kill Muscovite. According to the Metropolitan police Department, 50-year-old man attacked a 45-year-old unemployed woman around 17:00. The attacker grabbed his victim by the neck and tried to strangle him.

Neutralized the maniac the police, troopers. The victim was given medical help.

Late in the evening of 13 November 2004 in the center of Moscow near the house on N26 Novorogozhskaya street was found the body 16-the summer Muscovite Svetlana Anatolieva. The body was covered with a wooden pallet, and on the head of a schoolgirl discovered bruised wound.

It was established that before death the girl had been raped and then strangled. On suspicion of involvement in the crime at the end of 2004, he was arrested a 32-year-old newcomer from Belarus.

From Romania to Russia extradited a rapist who murdered 12 years ago. 16.11.2016

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