Hamovnichesky court of Moscow has accepted the decision on expulsion from the country of Maryinoroschinskoe Rabbi of the Jewish community in the capital, Joseph Ithaca Kherson. He was also appointed administrative punishment in the form of a fine in the amount of five thousand rubles. About it to Agency “Interfax” has informed a press-the court Secretary Olga Mouser.

According to her, Kherson were found guilty of committing an administrative offense under part 2 of article 18.10 of the RF code of administrative offences (implementation by the foreign citizen of labour activity in the Russian Federation without a work permit, perfect in the city of Federal value of Moscow).

During the trial, the Rabbi pleaded not guilty. “Kherson at the meeting explained that on 5 February 2009 working as a consultant in the religious organizations Orthodox Judaism – Maryinoroschinskoe the Moscow Jewish community. His responsibilities include advising on religion,” said the Mouser.

She noted that the Rabbi also was previously was the head of the liquidation Commission of the educational center “Among friends”, who since registration has not yet acted.

Recall that in late March, the appeals Board of the Krasnodar regional court upheld the decision of the Central district court of Sochi, failed, the chief Rabbi of the city Arieh Edelkopf claim to control migration of the interior Ministry. Thus, a U.S. citizen, the Rabbi of the Sochi city Jewish community was unable to appeal the decision to revoke his temporary residence permit in Russia.

In early February, members of the Jewish community of Sochi appealed to Russian President Vladimir Putin with a request to help with the cancellation of the decision on deportation of Edelkopf. The head of state was asked to provide “personal assistance” in the cancellation of the decision of the Kuban police and provide an opportunity for a religious figure to work on.

6 February the chief Rabbi of Sochi reported that he was threatened with deportation from the Russian Federation. Edelkopf said that the basis for these measures was subparagraph 1 of paragraph 1 of article 7 of Federal law 115 (“On legal status of foreign citizens in Russia”). The rule States that a foreign citizen may be deprived of permission to temporary residence in the Russian Federation, if “advocated a violent change of the constitutional system of the Russian Federation, other actions creates threat of safety of the Russian Federation or citizens” of the country.

Attempt to deport the Rabbi of Russia – is not the first such incident in recent years. In 2003, he was deported Rabbi of Rostov-na-Donu Kaplun elyashiv and Rabbi Chaim Friedman. In 2009, the deportation has been the Rabbi of Primorsky Krai Yisroel Silberstein , Rabbi of the Stavropol territory Zvi Herskovits. In 2013, he was deported by the rector of the International Jewish Institute of Economics, Finance and law, Rabbi Alexander Feigin. In 2014, he was deported Rabbi tuly Zeev Wagner and attempted deportation of the Rabbi of Omsk Osher Krichevsky.

From Russia expelled the Rabbi due to violations of labor laws 16.05.2017

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