Paid from Russian social and political advertising was placed not only on Facebook, but also belonging to a social network photo sharing Instagram. This segment accounted for approximately 5% of the ads.

The new data described in the supplemented report on the website Facebook, which earlier it became known that Russia placed political advertising seen in the United States 10 million people. Of the more than three thousand ads, which the company submitted to Congress in connection with the alleged investigation of RF interference in the American elections, 5% were posted in Instagram. The placement of the advertising spent about $ 6,700.

A large part of the ads focused on divisive social and political issues across the ideological spectrum. Including affected the themes of LGBT, immigration, rights to bear arms, racial issues. Part of this commercial, apparently, encouraged people to subscribe to the pages devoted to these controversial topics.

America is determined to prevent “a Soviet ploy” of Moscow in social networks

Meanwhile, Google and its parent company Google as earlier Facebook and Twitter, had agreed to testify at a public hearing on 1 November in Congress, announced on the eve of the TV channel CNN , citing sources in all three corporations. Google is also going privately to visit the intelligence committees of the Senate and house of representatives until the beginning of next month, said a source in the company.

At open hearings in the Congress of representatives of all three companies were invited in late September. Previously, Twitter and Facebook have agreed to testify.

Today it became known that Microsoft is investigating possible cases for the purchase of Russian advertising to influence American elections through its placement in Bing search or on other platforms of the Corporation. “We take seriously the reports of abuse of our platform. Therefore, we are investigating, and if invalid activity is detected, we will take action to minimize such abuse in the future”, – said the representative of the company.

Such an investigation already underway at Google, announced on the eve of the newspaper the Washington Post, citing sources familiar with the investigation. According to them, the company has found that “Russian agents” have spent less than 100 thousand dollars on advertising designed to influence the U.S. presidential election of 2016, to its placement on multiple Google platforms, including YouTube, Google Search, e-mail service Gmail and the ad network DoubleClick.

In Google suggest that ads placed are not “trolls” as “Putin’s cook” Eugene Prigogine, which, as reported earlier media, purchased ads on Facebook in an attempt to sow divisions in American society and to influence policy in the United States.

From Russia paid political ads placed also in Instagram 10.10.2017

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