From the Zverev center for contemporary art stole the picture of the actor, artist and psychic Sergei Pakhomov, entitled “Booze,” according to REN-TV , citing a source.

Curator of the Museum just now appealed to the Metropolitan police, although the theft occurred quite some time ago – on 27 January. That day an employee of the Museum saw the unknown was holding the painting. She demanded to return to work at the place, and the attacker passed the picture of the woman. However, half an hour later the paintings on the wall were not.

The author of the paintings Sergey Pakhomov requires the Museum to pay damages, while contracts on the transfer of his work for exhibition was prepared. The cost of the work is estimated at 500 euros, the Agency urban news “Moscow”
Militiamen carry out an inspection.

Sergey Pakhomov known to most Russians as a participant of the TV show “Battle of psychics” known as Groin. However, as you can see from Wikipedia, he was the underground actor, writer, musician, interior designer, artist working in the avant-garde style, the artist in the genre of stand-up Comedy.

From the Moscow Museum stole the painting extrasensory Pahom “Binge” 21.04.2017

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