Legendary American musician Bob Dylan took almost a week to acknowledge the fact that he was awarded the Nobel prize for literature. He did this an incredibly dismissive way, writes the British The Guardian – with a short mention in the publication in the website of a new collection of poetry. But it turned out that even such an insignificant nod too much for changeable legends.

The words “winner of the Nobel prize for literature”, which was mentioned in the section where you published the lyrics for 1961-2010 years, now removed. “Bob Dylan, Nobel prize winner, once confirmed, he’s still Bob Dylan”, – the newspaper writes.

A short mention was the only public recognition by Dylan of the fact of awarding the prestigious award, which was announced last week in Stockholm. The Nobel Committee failed to communicate with the author of the hit Knockin’ on Heaven’s Door.

Creative career of 75-year-old American singer-songwriter, artist, writer, and actor Bob Dylan has been ongoing for more than five decades. According to the magazine Rolling Stone, Dylan – second only to The Beatles in importance to the performer in music history. His most
known songs are considered to be Like a Rolling Stone, Blowin’ in the Wind,
Knockin’ on Heaven’s Door and Mr. Tambourine Man. On account of Dylan more than 50 albums and nine Grammy awards. In 1988, he entered the Hall of fame rock-n-roll.

In 2008 Bob Dylan received a Pulitzer prize “for outstanding impact on popular music and American culture, marked by lyrical compositions of exceptional poetic power.”

On the eve of awarding the prize for literature bookies was called among the main contenders for the award of the Japanese writer Haruki Murakami, Kenyan novelist and playwright Ngugi BA thiongo, an American writer, playwright and critic Joyce Carol Oates, and Pulitzer prize winner Philip Roth, Norwegian playwright and poet Jon Fosse and the Syrian poet Adonis (Ali Ahmad sa’id, Asbar). Mentioned Bob Dylan, and American writer Thomas Pynchon and his compatriot, the novelist and critic Ursula Le GUIN.

The Nobel prize in literature is awarded annually since 1901 by the Nobel Foundation. During this period, the prize was 112 people, including 14 women. Often the award was received by writers from France, however the majority of winners (27) wrote his works in English.

The first Russian writer, was awarded the 1933 Nobel prize was Ivan Bunin. The award was also given to Mikhail Sholokhov, Alexander Solzhenitsyn and Joseph Brodsky. Boris Pasternak was forced to decline the award due to pressure from the Soviet authorities and the public.

The winner of the Nobel prize for literature 2015 was the writer from Belarus Svetlana Aleksievich. And the list of British bookmakers then, among others, also featured Bob Dylan.

The amount of the award as other Nobel prizes is eight million Swedish kronor (about 906 thousands of U.S. dollars at current exchange rates). The award ceremony will be held on 10 December, the day of Alfred Nobel’s death. Five prizes – in physiology and medicine, physics, chemistry and literature, as well as in Economics – will be presented in Stockholm. The peace prize will be awarded in Oslo on December 10.

From the site of Bob Dylan disappeared mention of the Nobel prize 21.10.2016

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