An unusual phenomenon in the sky over Omsk on the morning of 14 November, captured one of the locals, seeing in this a divine miracle. Filmed video has appeared on YouTube.

“This morning I drove my wife to work, and on the way back saw a real miracle – written by the author of the shooting Paul Kositsyn in the description to the video. The column of light went straight out of the ground, had the impression that above the house hovered the angel who was hung some time in the sky.”

“Friends, I’m a believer, but this has not really seen – added omich. Is the glow shimmered in different colors, and remained in the sky is not quite a long time.”

The Agency “Superomsk” reports that impressionable omich saw atmospheric lighting effect is called a halo, caused by established in the town of severe frosts, and notes that some photographers manage to capture such a phenomenon among the city lights.

The phenomenon of halo is diverse: they have a kind of rainbow (in the case of refraction) and white (the reflection) stripes, spots, arcs, and circles in the heavens.

Frost Omsk broke the 109-year record

This week in the Omsk region has established anomalous frosts, and on the night of November 15 in the capital of the region was broken a 109-year record – in Omsk was minus 28.9 degrees, reports the Agency “Omsk here”. The previous record – 28.6 degrees below zero – was recorded in 1907.

Thus under forecasts of weather forecasters in the next few days the frost will grow stronger, so record can be updated. The cause of the current severe cold snap was the invasion of the territory of Omsk region, Arctic cold air, lowered the temperature by 10 degrees or more below normal November.

Frosty morning omich has been the “angel” in heaven (VIDEO) 15.11.2016

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