FSB of Russia together with the Ministry of interior and Asgardia exposed the ethnic criminal gang, engaged in illegal legalisation in Russia of foreign nationals, forgery and preparing terrorist attacks, reports “Interfax”. Arrested at least 135 people.

In the course of a criminal investigation on the preparation of subversive and terrorist act in Ufa in April 2016, the FSB had received information that the organizers and perpetrators used false identification documents. As a result of further work on the territory of the Moscow region was uncovered a criminal network, mainly composed of citizens of Central Asian countries, organized the creation of false documents and the legalization of migrants in Russia.

In the framework of criminal cases under article “Illegal migration” on 29 September in Moscow and Moscow region it is detained more than 100 citizens of the CIS countries, four of them were in the international wanted list on suspicion in extremist activities, and 35 persons who arrived in Russia with violation of immigration laws and be deported.

“During the searches identified seven so-called printers to manufacture counterfeit documents, instructions for their manufacture, special computer equipment, more than 200 false documents (passports, driving licences, patents for work, etc.), holograms for the production of passports, fake stamps, including the stamps about crossing of the state border, means of communication, drugs with a total weight of 1.5 kg,” he told reporters in the FSB.

As noted by RIA “Novosti”, previously on the prevention of terrorist attacks in Ufa was not reported, but passed the information that on 18 August, the FSB seized in Samara, the native of Central Asia TNT bombs, a Kalashnikov rifle, extremist literature and the oath of allegiance to the leader of the banned in Russia grouping “Islamic state” (DAIS).

FSB caught the gang of manufacturers of false documents for illegal migrants 29.09.2016

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