The Federal security service (FSB) of the Russian Federation demanded from the inhabitant of Petersburg Valery Ostryakov, twice losers to the court office, trying to get access to the materials of the criminal case of his grandfather Vasily Ostryakov, convicted under article 58-1A of the RSFSR criminal code (treason), compensation of travel costs of its representative to the Northern capital. The amount of the claim is 26 430 rubles 20 kopecks.

According to the information of”media zones”, the statement about the recovery of funds of the FSB described the costs that the Agency incurred in connection with the two visits of a representative of Marina Trifilio of the Belgorod region in St.-Petersburg where took place court session on the suit of family Astrakhovych.

The cost of the first trip, Trifilio the FSB estimated at 15 570 rubles 20 kopecks: 9820 rubles 20 kopecks railway tickets in a compartment there and back, 900 rubles – travel for three days, 4850 rubles – the cost of daily living in the hotel “aventinn hotel” on Nevsky prospect.

Tickets from Belgorod region in St. Petersburg, bought Trifilias for the second trip to a hearing where she represented the FSB at a cost of 9960 roubles, travel for three days – in the same 900 rubles. The second time Trifilova did not use the hotel.

According to the lawyer of human rights Association “Team 29″ Maxim Olenichev, the costs incurred by the FSB, was not fully justified. According to him, when the representative office was in St. Petersburg for one day, hotel room for it was not a necessity. He also drew attention to the fact that Trifilova went in a compartment that is a poor use of public money.

“There is still a moral aspect: the applicant, which the court has refused the claim, – a citizen of Russia, pays taxes to the Federal budget from which to Fund the activities of the FSB, including participation in the courts. Now, the secret service submits a statement on collecting from the citizen of the money spent from the Federal budget, back to the Federal budget”, – said Alenichev.

“When the FSB will go next time to participate in the hearing, the cost of travel will be financed from the Federal budget, and the money that will be recovered from the petitioner to reimburse the court costs, too, will go to the Federal budget. Sense to shift state money from one pocket to another, we do not see”, – he concluded.

The son of Valery Ostryakov, Dmitri, in turn, saidthat the issue of collecting from his father’s court costs from the UFSB across the Belgorod region for the lost court on access to archival documents will be considered by the Vyborg district court of St. Petersburg on may 16.

“It looks like this: grandfather sentenced in a closed court hearing without participation in the process, he pleaded not guilty (in the opinion of the Belgorod regional Prosecutor’s office) or partially recognized (as in judgment), died in Sredneuralskim camp a year later after conviction. The case for inspection not given, because great-grandfather is not rehabilitated. He was buried at the camp, where now works as a penal colony. The grave was not preserved. But we pay, not the state…,” he added.

Last week, 12 April, Dmitry Ostryakov on his page on the social network Facebook wrote that his father received a statement about the recovery of legal costs in the amount of 26 430 rubles 20 kopecks. The greatest disturbance he has caused a requirement of the FSB to compensate for the secret service 4850 rubles for a single room category “Standard” in hotel “AVENT Inn” (Nevsky Prospekt 87/2).

“Despite the fact that the distinguished representative of the defendant, the captain of justice Maria Trifilova, arrived in St. Petersburg one day. Her train arrived at 07:30 on 6 June, she left home at 00:11 on 7 June”, – said Dmitry Ostryakov.

As noted, the descendants, little was known about the fate of Basil Ostrikova (for a few generations, the spelling of the generic names have changed. – Approx., which through the court tried to find out his relatives. According to public information, Basil Ostrikov lived in the village Sale of the Voronezh region (now Belgorod region), it is repressed. The family was told that the widow of Basil together with a certificate of his death camp in the Amur region in 1944, sent the false teeth of her husband, but they have not survived.

His great-grandson Dmitry, investigating the genealogy of his family, in 2015 I decided to find out the fate of his ancestor and wrote a request to the FSB. From the management office for the Belgorod region came a written denial of the criminal case. From this document Wits however, he learned that his great-grandfather, born in 1896, was condemned July 18, 1943 according to article 58-1A (treason) for seven years and that, in 1998, Prosecutor of the Belgorod region refused to grant him rehabilitation.

The family had hoped that she would be able to get acquainted with the materials of the criminal case, challenging the denial of rehabilitation to the court. So Ostriakovo learned Prosecutor’s position: their ancestor was accused of, “doing the job of the German command”, surrendered to the invaders 50 head of cattle, seized someone else’s cow and bowed to him to cohabit, his guilt he did not recognize.

The prosecution requested “the verdict of the military court of the Voronezh region from 19.07.1943 against Ostrikova, S. V. upheld in rehabilitation Ostrikov V. S. to refuse”; the Presidium of the Belgorod regional court upheld the request. In this case the materials of the criminal case of Vasily Ostrikova the court did not consider.

“My great-grandson to know it would be important if he cooperated with the occupation authorities or, relatively speaking, was an ordinary official who kept order. Nevertheless, our authorities do not believe that it is my right,” explained the publication, head of the Wits.

When after his son Valery Ostryakov has sent to FSB the same demand, he, too, was refused, and appealed against in court. Around the same time, Ostrakova came in response to the request to the Main information centre of the Ministry of internal Affairs Vasily Ostrikov was serving a sentence in Sredneuralskim construction camp “Dallag”. Management Department in the Amur region given to family personal file of the prisoner.

Last year when the family tried to appeal the refusal of the FSB to the materials of the criminal case, she initially refused the Vyborg district court of St. Petersburg and later the St. Petersburg city court. After that, the judge refused to transfer the cassation appeal to the Presidium of the city court, so Ostriakovo appealed the decision already before the Supreme court.

FSB demands to collect 26 thousand rubles from the St. Petersburg, trying to find out the fate of his grandfather, who was convicted in 43-m to year for treason 21.04.2017

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