The Federal security service (FSB) of Russia arrested in Sevastopol, members of subversive groups of the Ukrainian defense Ministry, was preparing acts of sabotage on military installations in the Crimea. It is reported by the website of the Center of public relations (TSOs) FSB of Russia.

“The Federal security service of Russia 9 November 2016 in the city of Sevastopol detained members of subversive and terrorist groups of the Main intelligence Directorate of the Ministry of defense of Ukraine, who were committing acts of sabotage on objects of military infrastructure and life support of the Peninsula of the Crimea”, – stated in the message.

It notes that “detainees seized explosive device of great power, weapons and ammunition, tools, special communications and other material evidences of their criminal activities, including maps of the objects of the alleged sabotage.”

Currently, the issue of election as the detainee of a measure of restraint. Operational-search activities and investigations are ongoing, added the Agency.

Three of the detainees, the trial will be held on 10 November, the sources said

Source of”Interfax” reported that only on suspicion of preparing acts of sabotage in the Crimea was detained three citizens of Ukraine. “All three detainees are citizens of Ukraine. They are suspected of preparing acts of sabotage on the Peninsula. To talk about whether they are HR spies or hired by the Main intelligence Directorate of the defense Ministry of Ukraine, the third-party saboteurs, premature”, – said the source.

Later another source of “Interfax” familiar with the situation said that the detainees are career intelligence. During the search they found a map showing military facilities and infrastructure of the Crimean Peninsula.

The study of these maps, as well as interviews with detainees allowed to establish that they were preparing sabotage of power plants, water purification plants, and distribution networks of the Crimea. “All three have admitted our guilt and give relevant testimony,” says the source.

According to the first source, the detention of saboteurs allowed to find two caches with weapons on the Peninsula, and to identify informants Ukrainian intelligence on the Peninsula.

“Russian law enforcement agencies had operational information about
infiltration of saboteurs to the Peninsula about two weeks ago. Behind them
it was established tight surveillance in order to identify their contacts
routes of travel and communication, that is, the operation led to the identification of
informants on the Peninsula. It is not excluded in this respect the new
detention,” the source said.

The trial of Ukrainian saboteurs detained in Sevastopol, will be held November 10 in the closed mode, reported TASS a source in law enforcement bodies of the region. “The court on remand is to be held in the morning in the Leninsky district court of Sevastopol. It will be held behind closed doors,” said the source.

Kiev denies

The TV channel “Rain” reported that he had contacted the man who introduced himself as the brother of one of the detainees. Alexei Shtyblikov said that his cousin Dmitry Shtyblikov – analyst of the Ukrainian non-governmental analytical organization centre for the promotion of the study of geopolitical problems and Euroatlantic cooperation of the black sea region “NOMOS”, whose office is located in Sevastopol, and has nothing to do with the defense Ministry of Ukraine.

In turn, the Ministry of defence of Ukraine has denied the information
FSB detained in the Sevastopol members diversionno-terrorist
group of the main intelligence Directorate of the Ukrainian military Department.

“In fact, no spies of the FSB were not detained because they were in the Crimea and Sevastopol there. Russian intelligence agencies are thus trying to show its effectiveness, deceiving their higher leadership, the people and the international community” – said to”Channel 24″ the official representative of the Ministry of defense of Ukraine concerning military operations in the Donbass Andrei Lysenko.

In his words, “the Russian special services are spreading another lie and thus trying to show its effectiveness and to strike the authority of the Armed forces of Ukraine”.

“This information about the alleged seizure of Ukrainian saboteurs is a complete fake… No Ukrainian military in Sevastopol was not detained”, – quotes the words Lysenko , RIA “Novosti”.

Later, information about the infiltrators in Crimea, has denied the main
the intelligence Directorate of the defense Ministry of Ukraine. “The main intelligence Directorate of a
The Ministry of defence of Ukraine refutes the statements of FSB of the Russian Federation about the alleged
the detained employees Gora in Sevastopol. This another fake
the Russian special services aimed at the concealment of acts of repression against
residents of the Peninsula, and with the aim of discrediting Ukraine in the eyes
the international community,” the statement reads Gur, published
on the website of the Ministry of defense.

On 10 August, the FSB reported about detention of group of saboteurs in the Crimea, and on the prevention of terrorist attacks on the Peninsula, which tried to implement the Ministry of defense of Ukraine.

According to intelligence agencies, the targets of the attacks were identified critical infrastructure and life support of the Peninsula. During the arrest of terrorists killed two Russian military. Prosecuted.

All on suspicion in complicity in the terrorist attacks were detained about 10 people. On 13 August, the Kyiv district court of Simferopol arrested Andrew Sahaja. 11 August in the same court for two months was arrested another accused of preparing acts of sabotage and terrorist acts Evgeny Panov. It was previously called the coordinator of the sabotage operation.

Later, however, sources in the defense Ministry toldthat the organizer and coordinator of the plan in the Crimea sabotage was an employee of the main intelligence Directorate (Gur) of the Ministry of defense of Ukraine captain Vladimir Serdyuk.

The President of Russia Vladimir Putin on 11 August, held an operative meeting with permanent members of the security Council countries discussed additional measures to ensure the safety of citizens and vital infrastructure of Crimea in connection with the prevention of a terrorist attack on the Peninsula. A day earlier, Putin, commenting on the information of the FSB on the prevention of terrorist attacks in Crimea, was allegedly organized by Ukrainian military has accused the current leadership of Ukraine in the transition to terror.

Ukraine categorically rejects all accusations of Russia in his address. President Petro Poroshenko called the FSB on the preparation of the Ukrainian Ministry of defence of sabotage in the Crimea “fantasies”. Secretary of the national security Council and defense of Ukraine Oleksandr Turchynov called the statement of the Russian special services “provocative nonsense”.

FSB detained in the Crimea diversionary group of the Ministry of defense of Ukraine 10.11.2016

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