In Moscow, arrested and placed in jail “Lefortovo” special correspondent National information Agency “UKRINFORM” Roman Sushchenko. The Federal security service (FSB) of the Russian Federation arguesthat Sushchenko – Colonel of the Ukrainian intelligence. The Ministry of foreign Affairs of Ukraine to investigate the circumstances of the detention Sushchenko, which occurred on Friday, September 30.

Journalist arrested Lefortovo court of the capital on charges of espionage (article 276 of the criminal code), was accidentally discovered by members of the Public oversight Commission (POC) of Moscow.

“We accidentally met in the chamber of the quarantine branch of the Lefortovo prison, the 47-year-old citizen of Ukraine Roman Sushchenko. He said that he is a journalist, who is accused of espionage. The details of his arrest and of the charges that he faced, Sushchenko was not able to tell us,” – said the”Open Russia” a member of the PMC of Moscow Zoya Svetova.

According to Light, the staff of “Lefortovo” banned the members of the PMC to ask the correspondent of “UKRINFORM” on his criminal record. Sushchenko told human rights activists that during the arrest on Friday, September 30, he had a psychological pressure, the investigator did not allow him to call home to tell his wife about the arrest. A result, the FSB has provided him with a state attorney.

Sushchenko asked human rights activists to contact the Consul of Ukraine in Moscow. Ukrainian Consul confirmed the information about the arrest of a journalist in Russia.

The FSB claim that Sushchenko – human intelligence officer

Later on the site of FSB of Russia reported about the arrest Sushchenko. “The Federal security service of the Russian Federation in Moscow, while conducting espionage action detained a career officer of the Main intelligence Directorate of the Ministry of defense of Ukraine Colonel Sushchenko Roman Vladimirovich,” – said in the message.

According to the FSB, the citizen of Ukraine “was deliberately collected of state secret information on the activities of the Armed Forces and of National guard troops of the Russian Federation, the leakage abroad could harm the defense of the state”.

The FSB brought criminal case on signs of the crime provided by article 276 of the criminal code “Espionage”. The investigation is underway.

“UKRINFORM” called the detention Sushchenko “planned provocation”

In the Agency “UKRINFORM” expressed deep indignation in connection with arrest of Roman Sushchenko. According to the statement, the Agency also outraged “by the appearance in the Russian media about the charges in “espionage”.

“UKRINFORM” considers the detention Sushchenko, who works in the Agency since 2002, as a correspondent in France since 2010, a planned provocation, the statement said.

According to “UKRINFORM”, the journalist at the moment of detention was in holiday and has arrived to Moscow for private purposes. He was arrested on the day of arrival, to arrest him, the Russian side had not informed the wife, not in diplomatic institutions or at the place of work.

About the detention of the Novel his wife Angela Sushchenko, which remains in France, only found out on Sunday morning, October 2, call the in-laws after two days he was not contacted. While his family spoke very carefully, hints, avoiding even the word “detained,” reads the statement.

Angela Sushchenko called the hotline of the Embassy of Ukraine in Russia, and then sent to the Embassy’s official statement about the disappearance of her husband. However, so far the Russian side has not received any official information on the whereabouts of Sushchenko. On the indictment of the Novel “spies” “UKRINFORM” and his wife learned from the Russian media.

In “UKRINFORM”, said that all the charges of “espionage” to the Roman Sushchenko “can be regarded as just another audacious and wrongful act on the part of the Russian Federation against Ukrainian citizens.” The Agency urged the journalist community to stand up for colleagues and asked for help in the liberation Sushchenko to international human rights organisations, diplomatic institutions of Ukraine and foreign States.

To protect Sushchenko will mark Feigin

“UKRINFORM” and Angela Sushchenko entered into an agreement with the Russian lawyer Marc by vaginam on the protection of the Roman Sushchenko. As said by the lawyer, previously defended the Ukrainian pilot Nadezhda Savchenko, in his Twitterthe night of October 3 he was already at the prison “Lefortovo”, to make myself a list to visit Sushchenko. “Here now for weeks, the lawyers make their way to the defendant,” complained the lawyer.

“I hope that the FSB will not repair obstacles for me to meet with my client Roman Sushchenko and ensure that it is the right to protection,” added Feigin. In the morning he again went to jail.

The Ministry of foreign Affairs of Ukraine to investigate the circumstances of the detention Sushchenko

The official authorities of Ukraine are trying to figure out the circumstances of the detention of Roman Sushchenko. The head of the country’s Ministry of information policy Yuriy stets in Facebook reported that the Agency is “monitoring the situation around the detention Sushchenko”. “The legal Department collects all the necessary information regarding the circumstances and the reasons for the detention”, – is spoken in the Ministry message.

The Ministry of foreign Affairs of Ukraine ascertain how and for what reason had detained Roman Sushchenko. About it the press-Secretary of Department Marian Betz reported on his page on Twitter. “Urgently explain the circumstances of the detention of the journalist “UKRINFORM” in Russia, including the question of immediate access to the Ukrainian Consul”, – she wrote.

According to the “Open Russia”, at this point in the Kirov region serving a sentence for espionage in favor of Ukraine Valentin vygovskyy, sentenced to 14 years, but in Bashkiria serving a 12-year period Victor Schoor – a citizen of Russia, who also is accused of espionage in favor of Ukraine.

FSB has reported about the detention of Ukrainian intelligence Colonel – journalist of the Agency “UKRINFORM” 03.10.2016

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