A French diplomat in conversation with Financial Times called the cause of the failure of President Francois Hollande to participate in the opening of Orthodox center in Paris with Russian President Vladimir Putin, which ultimately led to the cancellation of the visit of the head of the Russian Federation the Russian side. According to a source publication, the current atmosphere in relations between the two countries is not suitable for holding festive events. Meanwhile, in Moscow continues to insist that Putin’s visit to Paris was postponed and ultimately still held.

On the eve of the Reuters source in the administration of the President of France announced that Paris was willing to accept Putin’s condition that his visit be devoted to the situation in Syria, and President Hollande will not participate in any other events. In response, Russia decided to cancel the trip. A French diplomat explained to the FTwhy in France found unacceptable the participation of Hollande in the opening of the Russian cultural centre in Paris. “We cannot hold a festive event, not the atmosphere”, – said the interlocutor of the edition.

Earlier, foreign Minister of France Jean-Marc Ayrault said the radio station Europe1that Putin refused to go to Paris to discuss the Syrian problem. “We need to be clear. We were ready to speak with Vladimir Putin about the situation in Syria – such a proposal was made to him, but he had to open another exhibition, the Orthodox Church that would be completely surreal. Vladimir Putin refused to come to talk about Syria – that it is necessary to remember, and this I regret, because we want to talk about Syria with Russia”, – said the French Minister (quoted by TASS).

Ayrault said that “to understand why Vladimir Putin has not arrived” finally in Paris. “In fact, he increased the bombing in Aleppo, and assume that to come to Paris to talk about Syria it would be extremely shy,” suggested the head of the French of the guardian.

Meanwhile, the Russian side continues to insist that Putin’s visit to Paris is postponed and will take place in the future, reports TASS. According to the speaker of the Federation Council Valentina Matvienko, the cancellation of the trip “no tragedy, no drama, no”, and all the arguments that Russia and its leader are in international isolation, “it’s only talk.” “The visit postponed, but it will definitely be”, – assured the head of the Federation Council, adding that “without dialogue with Russia” cannot be taken-effective solutions, and understand it all.

Yesterday in an editorial of the newspaper Le Monde reportedthat the French side changed their stance regarding the future of Putin’s visit to Paris after Russia imposed a veto on France introduced a resolution in the security Council of the UN demand to stop bombing of Aleppo and a military aircraft fly over the city. Hollande warned that the blocking of a document in one of the permanent members of the security Council discreditied this country and make it responsible for the continued bloodshed in Syria.

After the incident with the resolution in Paris was hesitant reaction to Russia’s actions in the context of the impending visit. Discussed options for cancellation or postponement of Putin’s visit under some pretext. Priority was given to “reducing the level of visit.” In the end, Hollande has offered to take him to discuss the situation in Syria. The Kremlin refused, considering that humiliating for the Russian President.

Hollande said yesterday at a meeting of the Council of Europe: “From Russia France major differences on Syria,” writes Politico. “The veto by Russia on a French resolution on defense, interfered to stop the bombing and declare a truce”, – quotes the edition of the French President in the article, translated by InoPressa.

About the planned visit of Putin, Hollande said, “I have planned this visit only if he allowed us to discuss Syria and only Syria. I also informed President Putin that, if he would come to Paris, I will not accompany him at the ceremony, but is willing to continue dialogue on Syria. He preferred to postpone the visit, that does not prevent us to find other opportunities for conversation. But he won’t come.”

In the Kremlin the day before, informing about the cancellation of the visit, did not mention Syria. Press Secretary of the President Dmitry Peskov said that Putin will not go to Paris because of the agenda had a number of events, including the opening of the Russian cultural centre and exhibitions. The representative of the Kremlin has not responded, why are you changing the program of the visit, and advised to refer the matter to the French side.

In turn, Hollande the day before the cancellation of the visit of Putin in interview to TV channel TMC said they have not decidedwhether to take personally the Russian leader in Paris. The French President said that he doubted the expediency of these negotiations, as not sure whether in the course of the conversation to ensure that Russia has ceased to support the Syrian aircraft that “bombing the people of Aleppo”.

The Kremlin said that preparations for the visit continues, Putin plans to hold talks at the Elysee Palace to attend the opening of the Russian spiritual center. Peskov said that other information about the upcoming trip to Moscow from his French colleagues did not.

The date of Putin’s visit to Paris was announced on October 6, the Russian foreign Minister Sergey Lavrov before talks in Moscow with his French counterpart. Toga already in the press there were rumors that Putin “suggests” in the French capital amid international isolation in connection with the aggravation of the situation in Syria. The newspaper Le Figaro, analyzing, and meeting Ayrault Lavrov drew attention that the French Minister stiffly insisted that he came to Russia to discuss the situation in Syria while his Russian counterpart before the talks spoke about the future of Putin’s trip to Paris and the bilateral relations of Russia with France.

It is worth noting that Putin still has a chance in the near future to see Hollande and other Western leaders. The Russian President could soon go to Berlin, where German Chancellor Angela Merkel on the eve of the invited leaders of “Norman Quartet” at the dinner. Negotiations scheduled for October 19 – this day was to be held Putin’s visit to Paris.

FT found out the reason of failure of Hollande to participate in the opening of Orthodox center in Paris along with Putin 12.10.2016

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