In 2014, after Moscow canceled the project “South stream”, it seemed that Gazprom is moving to an export policy due to the rather commercial than political considerations.

However, now that Gazprom is considering the possibility of pumping gas via Turkey, it is difficult to consider “Nord stream – 2″ something other than a geopolitical game. About it as writes InoPressa, according to the article in the British newspaper The Financial Times.

“It seems that the purpose of the project Gazprom to deprive Ukraine of the role of transit country for Russian gas”, – the author writes journalist Neil Buckley. This, in his opinion, could be understood on the background of the consequences of the gas conflict between Russia and Ukraine.

“But it also serves the purposes of the Kremlin as Kiev will lose transit fees – a few billion dollars a year”, – says the publication.

Ex-Ambassador of Bulgaria in Russia of ilyan Vassilev explained to the newspaper that a more important motive for Moscow is to establish “strategic relationship” with Germany, making this country a European hub for Russian gas. This may benefit German industry, but in the future Russia will be able to extract political gain from this.

However, the author reminds us, five major European companies that were to participate in the construction of the pipeline, as well as high-ranking German politicians, including, apparently, Chancellor Angela Merkel, saying that Nord stream – 2 “will eliminate the risks of transit” (a euphemism that he will allow the export of Russian gas to Europe bypassing Ukraine”, says the article.

Proponents claim that the Nord stream – 2 will be more efficient and will contribute to the growth of competition.

In August Antimonopoly service of Poland has said he will block the project because it will strengthen the domination of “Gazprom” in Central Europe. “Five of our European partners has abandoned plans to acquire 10% stake in the consortium Nord stream – 2″, – the newspaper reminds.

Then “Gazprom” stated that the Nord stream – 2″ as its branch will perform the work itself and the European partners will find a way to “contribute”.

FT: Nord stream – 2″ and the geopolitical games of Moscow 28.09.2016

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