Russian diplomats and people in Russian military uniforms took part in the training representatives of the Hungarian neo-Nazi organization “movement of the national front” (MNA). It is reported by the Financial Times , citing data from intelligence services of Hungary. One of the leaders of the MNA Istvan Gyorkos currently arrested on charges of spreading hateful ideology and the murder of a policeman. The Embassy of the Russian Federation in Hungary has called the FT reports “nonsense”.

According to the newspaper, from the correspondence of the leaders of the organization, which received the Hungarian journalists that they received financial assistance from Russia.

Sources in the Hungarian intelligence services told the FT that official Budapest was known about these relationships. However, the authorities prefer not to raise the issue because of fears that Russia will refuse cooperation with Hungary economic projects. It was about gas supplies and the construction of two reactors at a nuclear plant in the town of Paks.

The theme of the help of the Hungarian Nazis, the Russian Federation emerged after the arrest of Darkosa. During the arrest, he barricaded himself in his house and began to shoot, according to RBC. As a result, one policeman was killed.

Istvan Gyorkos openly called himself a Nazi and admired the Hungarian Nazi Ferenc Salashi, the founder and leader of the party “Crossed arrows”. During the Second world war Salashi was an ally of Hitler. Salashi after coming to power in 1944 began a massive action to destroy hundreds of thousands of Hungarian Jews and Gypsies and their deportation to Germany. In 1946 Salashi appeared in court on charges of war crimes and was sentenced to death.

The Embassy of the Russian Federation in Hungary called the messages “nonsense”

Meanwhile in the Russian Embassy in Budapest called “nonsense” reports of contacts of Russian diplomats with MNA. About it RBC said on Monday the Minister-Counsellor of the Russian Embassy in Hungary Valery Lyakhov.

“All sorts of nonsense do not want to comment”, he said. According to Lyakhov, “this insinuation appeared in one of the online portals a few weeks ago and it has been replicated once respectable Financial Times”. The poles said that we are talking about portal, the 26th of October this year an article was published about MNA.

The Hungarian authorities also reacted to the material in FT. Commenting on the scandal with the possible involvement of Russia to the funding of MNA, Minister of foreign Affairs of Hungary Peter Siarto stated that you will wait for a full report on the role of Russia and, if confirmed, will file a complaint.

With this point of view, according to FT, agree including and opponents of Prime Minister Viktor Orban. Thus, the opposition MP Zsolt Mornar said that the situation around the capture of Darkosa showed the danger of organizations such as MNA. At the same time, he stressed that he sees no ideological motive in the murder of a policeman.

Note that information about the alleged Russian interference at different levels in countries of the former Soviet bloc appear regularly. Recently, it became known that the Russians Eduard Shirokov and Vladimir Popov are suspected in plotting the assassination of the Prime Minister of Montenegro Milo Janukovich and the coup attempt.

According to the investigative bodies, Shirokov and priests in late September, organized in Montenegro, Serbia and Russia the group to commit terrorist acts and assassinations of representatives of the Montenegrin authorities. The recruitment of the coup, and for the purchase of equipment and weapons were answered by a Serbian nationalist Alexander Sindzhelich, said the Prosecutor’s office.

FT: Russian diplomats had contacts with neo-Nazis in Hungary 28.11.2016

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