The representatives of the Syrian opposition are in Turkish capital of Ankara secret talks with Russia to end fighting in Aleppo city, reports The Financial Times. At the same time Turkey plays the role of mediator, said the publication of four members of the opposition of Northern Syria under rebel control.

Informed sources said that for the first time in contacts with Russia involved such a large number of Syrian opposition groups, according to the article.

As told one of the leaders of the opposition, the Russians and the Turks to discuss the issue of settlement of the situation in Aleppo without the United States. Washington, he said, are completely excluded from negotiations and has no idea what’s going on in Ankara.

Disaster civilians trapped in Eastern Aleppo

Apparently, the negotiations had progressed slightly, but the fact that they are held without the participation of the United States, detects changes in the balance of power in the middle East. “It seems that now the regional actors more willing to operate in a bypass of Washington, attempting to enter into a Pact with Russia, and she strives to create an image of growing power, which can help achieve these agreements,” writes journalist Eric Solomon, which quoted InoPressa.

Negotiations with Russia was confirmed by the leader of the city Council of Aleppo Ali Sheikh Omar. He explained that negotiations are conducted directly with the Russians, because now everyone knows that Syrian President Bashar al – Assad – “only the Governor of the province” executing orders of Russian President Vladimir Putin.

According to the American expert Charles Lister, the first meeting of representatives of Russia, Turkey and the Syrian opposition was held in Ankara on Monday, November 28, and the second will be held on Saturday. According to Lister, Russia would prefer to make a deal with the opposition, as if Aleppo falls, the Syrian regime will need a large number of military to hold the city, and in other areas of the country, Syrian forces will be weakened or will need the help of Iran, and that Moscow would like to avoid.

At the same time, according to the expert, the opposition will be hard to meet Russian demands. The situation is complicated by the fact that between Ankara and Moscow remain friction. Turkey has accused the Syrian government of the attack on the Turkish forces, and, according to representatives of the Syrian opposition in Ankara believe that Assad’s forces were given permission to attack from the Russian authorities.

Note that recently the President of Turkey Recep Tayyip Erdogan made harsh statement, have surprised Moscow. He said that the purpose of Turkish intervention in Syria is the overthrow of the Assad regime. Thursday, 1 December, Russian presidential aide Yuri Ushakov said that on the eve of Erdogan Putin gave explanations on this issue during the last phone conversation the day before, however, the representative of the Kremlin did not specify what they were.

Analyzing the balance of power in the middle East, the author of the article in the FT cites the opinion of a leader of the opposition, who believes that Russia seeks to expand its role in the settlement of the situation in the region, pushing the US and actually saying “fuck you Americans”.

The previous day, as reports TASS, the head of the Main operations Directorate of the General staff of VS Russian Federation Lieutenant General Sergey rudskoy has informed that Russian military aircraft has for 44 days does not fly in the region of Aleppo and not approaching closer than 10 kilometers.

The decision on the termination of strikes by the Syrian and Russian aircraft in the area of Aleppo was adopted on 18 October for the organization of the humanitarian pause. After graduation Russia has extended a moratorium on the use of aerospace forces in the area.

This week, the Washington Post reported that U.S. Secretary of state John Kerry out of fear that the President-elect Donald trump will change the direction of Washington’s foreign policy in the middle East and move to the side of Assad, is making “outrageous and extraordinary” diplomatic efforts to broker a deal with Russia on the termination of the siege of Aleppo in exchange for an agreement on the delimitation of the opposition and members of the organization “Jabhat Fatah al-sham” (“Jabhat EN-Nusra”, banned in Russia). However, the Russian foreign Ministry denied the information, calling the publication “last year’s snow”.

“Fuck you Americans”: the FT reported about secret negotiations of the Syrian opposition with Russia 01.12.2016

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