Patriot-philanthropist, gave
apartment in Solnechnogorsk district of Moscow Belarusian Andrei
Fomochkina, which carried on the opening of the Paralympics in Rio de Janeiro
Russian flag in support of the athletes of the Russian Federation, was a businessman and
race car driver, President of the group of companies “Sapsan” Sergey Shmakov, according to
Shmakov conveyed Fomochkina a certificate for an apartment in Moscow, and Fomochkin,
according to TASS, was brought to Moscow and handed over to the Vice-President
The Paralympic Committee of Russia Lydia Abramova the legendary flag.

Sergei Shmakov, handing Fomochkina certificate, said: “the Whole country needs
to be such people, for such an act. The idea is to give the apartment
did not come immediately. It was a fantastic thing to do. It is the thing to do.
About ten days ago thinking about it – it’s just not so
miss. The apartment is located in a luxury residential complex “Melody
the forest.” This is not PR, not advertising. Just a gift from me personally” (quoted by

Fomochkin stressed that does not know how to dispose of the gift. “Not
cannot yet determine how to dispose of the property. I’m on
public service, don’t know how everything will be resolved with the apartment.
It’s rush, for which I am truly grateful. The act of touching is very

The promised apartment was shown in the report channel NTV shortly after
the gift was announced by the official representative of Russian foreign Ministry Maria
Zakharova. In the TV report shown and the apartment itself, and
apartment house, which, as it turned out, located on the
North-West of Moscow region, Solnechnogorsk district.

writes that this is a Studio apartment with an area of 44 square meters with
construction finishes: living room of 16 square meters, hallway –
10 square meters. The apartment Windows overlook the forest.

According to Maria Zakharova, a her “friend” so admired
the act of Belarusians that he was willing to give him an apartment in Moscow.
“A real apartment, in ready home is of course, I personally
checked”, – Zakharov went out on a limb. However, it did not disclose the name
benefactor, calling it “the mysterious count of Monte Cristo”.

Sergey Shmakov was born in 1968 in the Moscow suburb of Mytishchi. In 1989
engaged in entrepreneurial activity. In 1991 he established the ICHP
Sapsan, later converted to a civil engineering firm “Sapsan”,
which is the first in Russia began to build houses on the canadian
the wood-frame technology. Group of companies “Sapsan” deals
construction, conservation and operation of cottage settlements
the production of housing, commercial real estate management and
rental house Foundation.

Shmakov also known as race car driver and philanthropist, founder
charity Fund Ivanovo Delo. Shmakov was doing
the construction and reconstruction of temples, orphanages and monasteries in
Moscow, Yaroslavl, Orel and Tver regions.

Head of Department of winter kinds of sports Ministry of sports of Belarus
Andrew Fomochkin told TASS that they did not pursue any material
purposes, knowingly violating the regulations and deprived of accreditation.

“I didn’t expect that my act would cause such a stir in the world. We
expressed the opinion of the whole team, and solidarity with the Russian
the Paralympics, which was not allowed at the Games in Rio, and athletes to
this competition was not one year is the meaning of their lives. Officials
acted very wrong, and we wanted to draw on this
injustice attention, because it is impossible to such an extent
fall”, – said Fomochkin.

According to Fomochkina when he decided to carry the Russian flag
at the opening ceremony, he was not thinking that his actions could
to be financially rewarded. “It was purely human
the act not only citizens of Russia, but all the rest of the world
the community drew attention to the situation. And many believe that she
wrong. Must work to solve the problem,” he said.

“The first flag they confiscated, but I realized we have
to do, – said Fomochkin. – When I realized that the camera took
our team in focus, all soberly analyzed. Then I thought – and
what’s next?” For this act the Belarusian was stripped of accreditation on
Paralympics. According to him, on charges he had five hours.

Recall, the international Paralympic Committee has not made all
the Russian national team to participate in the Paralympic games in 2016,
held in Brazil from 7 to 18 September and was disqualified
The Paralympic Committee of Russia.

In the Paralympic Committee of Belarus, the removal of the Russians considered
inhuman. The Chairman of the sports Department Oleg Shepel has called
blasphemy that disabled people put at the head of the policy, transferring to
collective responsibility of a single claim. The head
the Committee said at the opening ceremony
The Paralympic games in Rio de Janeiro Belarusian athletes to sign
solidarity will carry the flags of Belarus and Russia.

As a result, Belarusian Paralympic athletes still carried the Russian flag
at the opening of the Games in Rio in solidarity with the national team of the Russian Federation. After that
two members of the Belarusian delegation was deprived of accreditation at the Games in 2016:
Director of the center for Olympic training in athletics Andrew
Fomochkin, which carried the Russian flag at the opening of the Paralympics, as well as
one of the leaders of the team.

Gave the apartment to the Belarusian in a Russian flag at the Paralympics was an Orthodox businessman and philanthropist 03.10.2016

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