The Polish newspaper Gazeta Wyborcza closes office in Moscow after its correspondent was deprived of accreditation. Journalist Waclaw Radziwinowicz was the only representative of the newspaper in the Russian capital, and if replacing him will not find, the Bureau will not be able to recover, he told the reporter of RIA “news”.

“Today I went to the GlavUpDK (Main production and commercial management on diplomatic corps service at the Ministry of Foreign Affairs of the Russian Federation) and advised that we rip the employment contract of the apartment, he was signed for one year. We are closing the Bureau in Moscow,” he said. Radzivinovich expressed hope that the closure is temporary and in the future the edition will be able to accredit another employee. He indicated that the accreditation process can take a very long time.

The journalist said he intends to challenge in court the decision to revoke his accreditation to work in Russia. The decision of the Russian side, which is associated with the expulsion from Poland of the state of the correspondent MIA “Russia today” Leonid Sviridov, a journalist with the private daily newspaper Gazeta Wyborcza found it strange. We will remind that earlier the representative of the Russian Foreign Ministry Maria Zakharova in Facebook called the deprivation of Radziwinowicz accreditation “symmetric response” Poland.

Gazeta Wyborcza began publication for information support of the independent Federation of trade unions “Solidarity” in 1989. It was the first legal newspaper, representing the government opposition views. The chief editor is the well-known Polish dissident Adam Michnik.

The scandal with the expulsion of the Russian journalist erupted in October, when the Polish authorities withdrew accreditation Sviridov, which, since 2003, continuously lived and worked in Poland. The Polish foreign Ministry said that the expulsion of the Russian journalist there are “reasonable grounds”, but did not specify which ones. He also has been deprived of a residence permit. Gazeta Wyborcza writes that Sviridov suspected of spying. In addition, the Polish authorities had expelled several Russian diplomats. Russia responded in kind, sending a number of employees of the Polish diplomatic mission.

Gazeta Wyborcza covers the news Bureau in Moscow after a single reporter has lost accreditation 22.12.2015

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