Activists of the National liberation movement (GCD) staged pickets at the DK “Zheleznodorozhnik” in Novosibirsk before the performance of Konstantin Raikin, reported “the City of Berdsk” with reference to the organizers.

The posters, which were in the hands of nodoze were presented their position about the performance of artistic Director of “Satirikon” at the Congress of the Union of theatrical figures: “Freedom from public funding K. Raikin, the Troubadour of permissiveness in art”. Activists also pointed out that “Satyricon” in 2016, received from the state of 235 million rubles.

Thus members of the nationalist movement tried to “let visitors play about the treacherous position of the artist, which is to protect the waves of blasphemy and anti-state productions in the sphere of culture of Russia” and to cease state funding of the theater Raikin “for insulting a huge part of the citizens opposed to immorality in art, and for the rights of believers.”

According to the protesters, “in the current situation of a hybrid war, Russia declared that society should be protected from provocations, divisive, especially for the state account”.

People’s artist of Russia Konstantin Raikin brought to Novosibirsk for a solo performance “The favorite”.

Meanwhile, leading artists, art critics and gallery owners in the comments to The Art Newspaper Russia commented on the scandalous statement Raikin, noting that artists in modern Russia are more vulnerable to self-censorship, rather than direct censorship.

“Previously, the Creator was in a privileged position, and now any active or retired member can to the exhibition to go and implement some sort of struggle of ideas in the literal sense. We lived in a fantasy world, but those days ended with Avdei Ter-Oganyan, who was chopping icons. Now there are always people who may not like it,” says the artist Alexander Shaburov.

“When people who do not understand the language of art and culture, cultural codes, uneducated in this area, begin to judge on creativity and on culture, it’s wrong, it’s bad. These people demolished everything in its path indiscriminately ” – supported comrades Vasili Tsereteli, Executive Director of the Moscow Museum of modern art.

Artistic Director of the Bolshoi drama theater Andrey Moguchy was recognized “Fontanka”that, formally, in Russia there is no censorship, but “in the professional community has a group or person, happy to serve overbearing interest who “know best what people need” and act on it, people, name.”

“The atmosphere of distrust, polarization, uncertainty is the reality of today. Art is not a field of social service, not social and cultural life, and it is impossible to evaluate art according to the criteria of efficiency of work of the house of household services, for example. Art is supposed to reflect reality in its current authenticity, to explore its inherent in him and only him with the tools to generate meanings, to educate, and not to serve someone’s interest, or perform “order,” – said Mighty.

GCD activists met Konstantin Raikin in Novosibirsk pickets 28.10.2016

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