The German parliamentary Committee for control over intelligence activities reported on the extent of surveillance of Germany for the leadership of the EU and NATO. According to authorities, the wire was subjected to the heads of States and governments, Ministers and their entourage. Especially intensive observations were conducted in the diplomatic missions of the EU and NATO.

In conclusion, the parliamentary Committee refers to surveillance conducted by the German intelligence service BND in respect of friendly countries until October 2013, according to DW with reference to the Agency dpa. Auditioned the heads of state and government, Ministers and their entourage (residence, headquarters or office), as well as military facilities. According to the dpa, established “several dozen” similar cases.

Especially closely the BND was spying on the diplomatic missions of the EU and NATO. They account for more than two thirds of 3300 surveillance related to EU and NATO, which were in the field of view of the intelligence services of Germany until the end of 2013.

In addition, auditioned “two-digit number, average order” of organizations, objects of non-governmental organizations and business.

Initially, after the revelations of former CIA agent Edward Snowden became aware of the extent of surveillance by US intelligence which spied on hundreds of thousands of citizens of Germany. After it became clear that to follow the order in Europe, the Americans helped the German secret service.

So, in the spring of 2015, it became known that the BND had been spying upon request of the American partners of the NSA from eavesdropping station in bad Aibling, which was at odds with the interests of Germany and the EU, reported in the article of Der Spiegel, which was translated by InoPressa.

This caused a wave of criticism of German Chancellor Angela Merkel, which is directly subordinate to the intelligence service. Earlier in the BND repeatedly claimed that after the publication of the Snowden material, the practice of spying on friendly Nations was terminated in 2013.

Information about the massive surveillance of the German secret services over leadership of the EU and NATO may create diplomatic difficulties for Chancellor Angela Merkel and her government, dpa notes. The situation is aggravated by the fact that exposing the information published on the background of Brexit and the migration crisis in Europe, when the German government needs to maintain close partnership relations with EU countries.

In 2013, the news of the wiretapping American special services of telephone of Chancellor Merkel and dozens of other world leaders caused a loud international scandal.

And the suspicions against the United States came from the leader of Germany after the publication in the summer of that year in the media materials from a former employee of the national security Agency USA (NSA) Edward Snowden. According to them, American intelligence services are actively used program surveillance against ordinary citizens and officials around the world, listening to their phone conversations and viewing their data online.

After the massive revelations of German journalists and officials began talking about a possible connection of Snowden with Russia. In particular, the head of the Federal office for the protection of the German Constitution, Hans-Georg Maassen indicatedthat released ex-employee of NSA documents has hurt Germany, USA and other Western countries.

At the same time, there were no publications about countries like China or Russia, “which still was the main purpose of NSA intelligence,” said the German official. “The disclosure of secret documents – the largest since the Second world war the attempt to drive a wedge between Western Europe and the United States,” said Maassen. The Minister saidthat there is no evidence that Snowden is a Russian agent.

German intelligence listened to the governments of the European Union and NATO 11.07.2016

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