While the EU is looking for ways of influence on Russia to stop the bombing of Syrian Aleppo, the truce in Syria and the delivery of humanitarian aid, in the press there is a parallel search possible “punishment” for Russian President Vladimir Putin. German tabloid Bild has suggested five options, which, according to the newspaper, it is possible to affect the foreign policy of the Russian leader.

In particular, the newspaper proposes to impose “an embargo on hi-tech technology” against Russia. “Without Western technology (for example, in the field of IT management systems) Russia will not be able to produce raw materials or to create weapons,” – said in the article, translated by InoPressa. The Deputy of the ruling German party “Christian democratic Union”(CDU), Elmar Brok supported the idea in an interview with the publication: “We need such an embargo. The aggressor must see that his war has consequences.”

It should be noted that in recent time, the media citing sources repeatedly reported that German Chancellor Angela Merkel and her colleagues in the CDU in favor of the introduction of sanctions against Russia because of the situation in Syria. However, at the meeting of foreign Ministers of 28 countries of the European Union on 19 October the Minister of foreign Affairs of Germany Frank-Walter Steinmeier said that skeptical about punitive measures against Russia because he doesn’t see how they can help to improve the situation with the supply of the Syrian population.

The second option, “penalty” would be the rejection of the pipeline “Nord stream”, which Russia “plans to expand”. “Putin is financing their war from revenues from the sale of gas. We must prevent the construction of a new pipeline,” – said the publication of the expert of the Green party on foreign policy issues Omid Nouripour.

The third method of influence on Russia could become an extension of the list of persons banned entry to the EU, including the publication recommends to include the heads of such major companies as Rosneft (Rosneft) and Gazprom (Alexei Miller). Informed diplomatic sources, Reuters reported that the question of the inclusion of 12 Russians in the black lists of the EU in connection with the situation in Syria has raised France and the UK.

As the fourth penalty is proposed to organize a boycott of the world Cup, which Russia is pursuing in 2018 and which promises “money and prestige”. As noted by Bild, a boycott of the tournament would be “a double blow for Putin.” “German football Union would do well to think about the boycott,” – said the Deputy from party “Green” in charge of sports, Ozcan Mutlu.

Finally, the fifth punishment for Putin may be the introduction of no-fly zone in Syria. The article notes that this move would be risky for the U.S. because of the probability of collisions with Russia while maintaining a ban on flights, but could provide a great opportunity for a political solution to the crisis.

The publication stresses that against the background of failed peace talks on Syria Putin’s behavior clearly says he is not interested in pursuing a diplomatic solution, a military victory. In particular, this is indicated by sending the Russian carrier to the coast of Syria, the newspaper said.

On Saturday, October 15, the Russian aircraft carrier “Admiral Kuznetsov”, accompanied by warships headed to the Mediterranean sea. It was reported that part of the wing of the cruiser entered the MiG-29КР and MiG-29КУБР and su-33. It is expected that the only Russian aircraft carrier will last up to five months. It is planned that the ship will become part of the permanent operative connection of the Russian Navy in the Mediterranean sea. Also “Admiral Kuznetsov” can take part in the Russian operation in Syria.

German newspaper Bild offered five punishment to Putin for peace enforcement in Syria 17.10.2016

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