German police in the night of Monday, October 10, detained a suspected terrorist, in whose apartment in Chemnitz was previously discovered explosives, reports Reuters.

22-year-old Syrian suspect in preparation of a terrorist attack using explosives. Jaber al-Bakr sought throughout the country. The man was arrested during the RAID in Leipzig.

Earlier in law enforcement bodies established that the Jaber al-Bakr was living in Germany last year, he officially received refugee status.

In the apartment where there lived a native of Damascus, Jaber al-Bakr, on Saturday yielded several hundred grams of explosives of great power. The house in which lived an alleged Syrian terrorist during the RAID were evacuated. Detained three people.

The police reported that the same explosives were used in the terrorist attacks in Paris and Brussels. It became known yesterday that two of the three detained friends of Jaber al-Bakr released. The third man remains in custody on suspicion of aiding and abetting the alleged offender.

On Sunday evening, the German police attacked a second apartment in Chemnitz. Were there people were also detained.

We will remind, in July, the terrorist group “Islamic state” (ISIS, ISIL, DAISH, is prohibited in the Russian Federation) have claimed responsibility for attacks in Wurzburg and Ansbach, committed by refugees from Syria and Afghanistan.

July 25 in one of the restaurants in the German city of Ansbach (Bavaria) blew himself up, a refugee from Syria Mohammad Dalil. He was killed and 12 people were injured. German law enforcement has determined that the actions of Delilah coordinated the unknown through online chat.

July 18, 17-year-old refugee from Afghanistan attacked with an axe on passenger trains in Wurzburg, wounding five people. After the crime, the attacker left the train but was later shot by police while trying to arrest. Though the is declared a refugee as a champion in the Ministry of internal Affairs of Germany said that he was not connected with terrorists and acted alone under the influence of Islamist propaganda.

German police arrested a suspected leader of terrorists from Chemnitz 10.10.2016

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