The police in Munich, carrier protection at the Central station, caught the famous violator: Cycling to the station, rode actor Arnold Schwarzenegger and his bodyguard. The actor was let go “for a selfie with a police officer.

A police officer Stephan Schmitt reported that he saw two cyclists at the railway platforms that wound between the passengers and the mourners. First police stopped a security guard, who explained that the bike he needs to follow his client.

Client was a 69-year-old Arnold Schwarzenegger, the famous actor, former bodybuilder and Governor of California. He apologized for the fare on the bike, explaining to the policeman that it is difficult to walk long distances, reports RIA “Novosti”.

“After a brief conversation, Schwarzenegger left the station through
North exit. He walked, pushing the bike around, said a police report about an unusual incident.

Schwarzenegger stopped for riding a Bicycle at the station of Munich. Arnie received a warning, and COP – self with Terminator

German police banned Schwarzenegger to ride a bike at the station 01.10.2016

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