Prosecutors in the German city of Mainz has suspended investigative actions in respect of comedian Jan Beermann, speaking in the air with the offensive poem about the President of Turkey Recep Tayyip Erdogan the.

In the course of investigation the police failed to find sufficient evidence to support the involvement of the comedian to commit a crime under the 103rd article of the criminal code of Germany “Insulting organs and representatives of foreign States,” reads the message posted on the website of the Prosecutor’s office.

This article prescribes punishment in the form of a monetary fine or imprisonment up to three years. After the scandal, the German government decided to remove from the penal code this paragraph.

The prosecutors argued that statements of Beermann addressed to the President of Turkey are not degrading, according to DW. In this November 2, the court of Hamburg is to be considered private lawsuit Erdogan to Beermann in connection with the put insult, says The Guardian.

The performance of Beermann was held on 31 March in the night air entertainment Neo Magazin Royale TV channel ZDFneo. Poem comic contained a crude sexual innuendo, and accusations to Erdogan’s repression against minorities and the oppression of Kurds and Christians.

The entry with the insults was subsequently removed from the ZDF media library. However, the President of Turkey, filed a complaint against showman and demanded an apology.

In may of Hamburg District court partially granted the complaint of the Turkish side, banning Beermann to fulfill an important part of the poem – 18 of the 24 lines.

In particular, the court has forbidden to reproduce selections, accusing Erdogan of bestiality and pedophilia (in particular, it was alleged that the Turkish President “a pedophile”, “lousy pervert”, “fucking goats” and that his “small penis” and “shrunken balls”).

At the same time, the sketch was partially recognized as a satirical piece, so the court found it permissible verses about how Erdogan “continues to haunt the minorities” and to restrict freedom of speech in Turkey.

The incident with Beermann was the second round of scandal in Germany, associated with the attacks on Erdogan. Initially in Ankara protested a satirical video released on March 17, another German channel ARD. In the foreign Ministry had summoned the German Ambassador Martin Erdmann. The incident provoked a wave of discontent in the German media. It was after this I decided to speak Yan Beermann.

We will remind that in Turkey closely monitor attacks against the President and prosecute those responsible. So, in October of last year, accusations of insulting the head of state has been extended against the Turkish doctor cifci Bilgin for his social network comparison of Recep Tayyip Erdogan with the character of the books of JRR Tolkien and the film trilogy “the Lord of the rings” Peter Jackson’s Gollum (Sméagol).

The doctor fired at the National Institute of public health, faces up to two years in prison. In December 2015, the court of the Turkish city of Aydin decided to conduct the examination of the image of Gollum after it became clear that none of the judges had not seen the Jackson films. The trial was ongoing.

German prosecutors closed the case against the comedian – offensive to the author of a poem about Erdogan 05.10.2016

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