The German government is considering the introduction of additional EU sanctions against Russia in response to its actions in Syria, says U.S. newspaper The Wall Street Journal , citing an informed source.

The possibility of introducing a European Union of economic sanctions is at an early stage of discussion, and it is unclear what support they will receive from the social Democrats, Junior coalition partners the Christian democratic Union of Angela Merkel, says DW.

Source WSJ indicated that with additional sanctions in Germany, I hope to force Russia to change course in Syria. The WSJ believes that there are the first signs that Europe is disappointed with Russia’s actions in Syria and are fearful of worsening the crisis with the refugees, maybe in the coming weeks to take a tougher line against Russia.

5 October, the representative of the German government on the question of possible sanctions against Russia, said: “At the moment, I don’t know anyone, either in Berlin or somewhere else who have had such proposals.” The representative of Merkel refused to explain the situation, citing the foreign Ministry’s comment.

Germany is thinking about new sanctions against Russia in connection with the aggravation in Syria 06.10.2016

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